Bruins Beat: Help Vaughn Choose Tuukka Rask’s New Equipment (PHOTOS)


Yes, you can help Vaughn pick Bruins netminder, Tuukka Rask’s equipment for the upcoming season. And we are as serious as Tuukka when someone messes with his iPad.

InGoal Magazine:

 Thanks to the magic of social media and the good folks at Vaughn Custom Sports, you can help choose the look of Rask’s next set. And while the differences, like the use of colour itself, in the five options, are subtle – Rask clearly wants to maintain the predominately (and dominant) mostly white trend of last season – the responsibility is still great.

So head on over to the Vaughn Facebook Page and vote for which of the five options you prefer by adding a “like” to the one you want Rask to wear, and piping up with the reasons why in the comment section below. But hurry, now that the NHL and NHL Players’ Association have finally agreed on the new pad height rules for next season, the big companies like Vaughn have already started cranking out new gear.

Here are the five options you can vote on:








We think Option #2 is PRETTY PISSAH. You have to rep the Black & Gold.

When you yell out Tuuuuukkkkkaaaa this season, you can say “I voted for those SICK pads!”.

So let your voice be heard Bruins fans, vote today!


10 comments on “Bruins Beat: Help Vaughn Choose Tuukka Rask’s New Equipment (PHOTOS)”

  1. jim says:

    ''B's'' spoke in center of pads…overlay on both pad's…split in middle….

    1. Patty says:

      That would be sick! Needs to happen.

  2. Patty says:

    I agree that the B's spoke needs to be on there somehow!

  3. Mark says:

    #2 for sure. Don't be a Timmy and go Black and White.

  4. Eway says:

    I agree with Jim %100 The B would look awesome split between the pads at like a 30 deg angle. Cannot go all white even with just a little yellow and black. Looks to much like Thomas pads.

  5. Linda Prior says:

    #2 is the best but it does need a spoke B ion it.

  6. Jim Nelson says:

    Agree that split B spoke would look cool too! Another option would be a complete filed of smaller B spokes all over the pad, say 2" in size and 3-4" apart. All white is logical for his sight of the puck when down and in a flurry of activity trying to freeze the biscuit.

  7. Mahk says:

    option 2 fool straight up.

  8. Brian says:

    Option 2. I also think a split spoke B would look sweet.

  9. Riley says:

    I like option 3 the best. The yellow around the glove and blocker gives other teams a subliminal target 😉

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