I HATE The Canucks, But I LOVE This Cheesy Roberto Luongo Song (VIDEO)


As most of you know I am a DIE HARD Bruins fans and HATE The Vancouver Canucks like HOT FIRE. However, as perverted and disgusting as this sounds, I absolutely LOVE this cheesy fan boy Roberto Luongo song entitled “Big Old Goal”.

These Canucks fans apologize to Bobby “The Sieve” Lu through music for almost running him out of town, but now they are stuck with him after Corey Schneider was traded to the Devils. It’s like re-marrying your ex-wife. You loved her, you HATED her & now you love her again…..but in time you will HATE her again.

The cheesiness is what makes this song/video HILARIOUS even to the most battle hardened Bruins fan. The whole “We Are World” theme, the wind blowing through the fat dude’s hair, poking fun at themselves for rioting and I believe Puck Daddy Canucks homer Harrison Mooney doing his best Michael Jackson/Jon Secada/Bruno Mars impression.

Gotta love those rose tinted glasses!

As bad as it will get for Roberto Luongo this year (which it will), he can always cry himself to sleep with this song playing.

See you in February Bobby Lu….hope you didn’t forget what the TD Garden bench feels like!


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