Relax, Patriots Fans: Brady Was Back At Practice Today

Tom Brady's knee

Tom Brady’s knee

You’ve seen the video. The aftermath is a big sigh of relief for Tom Brady, his knee, Patriots fans and Bob Kraft’s $1.8 billion franchise. Adrian Claiborn is not Bernard Pollard 2.0 as Brady simply suffered a knee sprain/injury/bruise – depending on who is reporting – in his collision with Nate Solder.

Logan Mankins wants you all to relax.

That means you, too, Stevan Ridley. The team’s top back actually said his heart was “at peace” that Brady was okay.

The Pats leader was back at practice Thursday and participated as he normally would, albeit with a knee brace. Brady is reportedly ready to go tomorrow night against Tampa Bay. Not that it matters on August 15th. Here’s what Ridley said:

I know he’s going to be there when it counts. When the season matters the most, Tom’s going to be out there. I just don’t want us to rush him or anything like that. I think Tom will make the right decision and the coaches will too.

Fans of the team will most likely agree with that.

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