Bruins Beat: Habs Fan Draws “Accurate” Sketches of Chara & Marchand (PHOTO)


(PHOTO: Twitter)

When I saw this tweet this morning, I said to myself “How friggin butt hurt are Habs fans that their team has done NOTHING since 1993?!”. These “quick, accurate sketches” of the Bruins’ Zdeno Chara & Brad Marchand are dated from April and have been retweeted a few times since. Now keep in mind these were drawn BEFORE the Habs puked all over their skates versus the Sens and the Bruins went to their second Stanley Cup Final in three years.

I mean Meighen (is that a new hippy way to spell Megan or Meghan?) has a future in drawing for sure. I bet some 3rd graders from Boston could come up with better depictions of PK Subban.

Is it October yet?

I can’t wait to see Habs fans cry in their Molson again.

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