Patriots Pulse: Tom Brady Is Enjoying This Rookie Haircut Hazing Way Too Much (PHOTOS)

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The NFL has many rituals and rookie hazing is one of them. Now hazing has become a lot milder and now has resorted to funny haircuts.

And who better to work the shears than the king of the hairdos himself Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

In the photos below Tom Brady does his best “crazy barber” to heads of new targets wide receivers Aaron Dobson & Kenbrell Thompkins.



(PHOTOS: Facebook)

Looks like Aaron Dobson is taking this way better than Kenbrell Thompkins.

Perhaps Thompkins already knows that Brady has confidence in him where Dobson may be trying to get some Brady brownie points.

I heard Dobson requested Brady to etch “Throw Me The Ball” in his scalp…..

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