Bruins Throwback Thursday: Milan Lucic Then & Now (PHOTOS)


Bruins winger Milan Lucic has become a fan favorite since his arrival in 2007. “Looch” embodies what it means to be a Big, Bad Bruin. He plays with reckless abandon and will drop the gloves with anyone. Many have compared him to Bruins legendary power forward Cam Neely.

So let’s take a photo journey with Milan Lucic from his childhood to Black & Gold bruiser.

Welcome to Bruins Throwback Thursday!


LucicBaby(PHOTO: Hockey Blog Adventure)

Age: Infant




Age: 10

Hangin’ With The Jagr



(PHOTO: Crashing The Goalie)

Age: 18

Vancouver Giants – Memorial Cup Champions


Philadelphia Flyers v Boston Bruins

(PHOTO: NHL Snipers)

Age: 19

Boston Bruins – Rookie Season


(PHOTO: Hockey Blog In Canada)

Age: 21

Boston Bruins  – Winter Classic



Age: 22

Boston Bruins – Stanley Cup Celebration With Cam Neely



(PHOTO: Vancouver Giants)

Age: 22

Boston Bruins – Bring The Cup Home To Vancouver



(PHOTO: Boston Herald)

Age: 24

Boston Bruins – 2013 Stanley Cup Final


Looking forward to Looch devouring souls and scoring goals….

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