Bruins Beat: Watch NESN’s “Behind The B” Again (VIDEO)


If you caught NESN’s “Behind The B” on Monday night, you should feel dirty and ashamed because it was FULL BLOWN hockey porn. It brought you behind the scenes of the Boston Bruins starting with their loss to the Blackhawks in heartbreaking fashion in Game Six. You got full access to the Black & Gold brass as they made difficult personnel choices on Andrew Ference, got screwed over by Nathan Horton & were done “babysitting” Tyler Seguin. Behind the B introduced you to knew Bruins Loui Eriksson and hate ’em/love ’em Jarome Iginla.

The man who stole the first episode was strength and conditioning coach John Whitesides who could make Chuck Norris cry.  Maybe he can fix the powerplay?

So re-live the hockey awesomeness again or watch the best thing NESN has done since acquiring the Bruins TV rights. But as this fan said, NESN had this golden goose fall in their laps:


But nonetheless, grab your lube and your favorite jersey……

Oh yeah NESN you still suck for getting rid of Naoko!

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