Match-Up Mania: Have You Seen The Patriots Offense?

Is Stevan Ridley ready to play?

Is Stevan Ridley ready to play?

What’s left of the Patriots offense will have to find a way to score points against the Jets tonight. Which skill players will be left for Tom Brady to work with is a very relevant question.

Brady, ever the company man, expects everyone to follow the team “Do Your Job” mantra. Others will step up, right?

We’ve got a lot of good players in the locker room. So when people are injured, that’s why you have a deep roster, guys that you’ve got confidence in, that you’ve gained trust in. I certainly have that at the skill position. So we’ve got a lot of good running backs and lot of good receivers.

Well, TB12 has more information than I do, but call me a skeptic. They were fortunate to beat Buffalo with every player but Rob Gronkowski. Don’t expect Gronk tonight. Shane Vereen won’t play again until Week 11. Danny Amendola was pretty good last week despite his groin injury, but he might be out for the Jets.

That leaves the offense in the capable hands of Stevan Ridley, Julian Edelman and rookies. Ridley never got back on the field after fumbling. He’ll be available tonight. Will Bill Belichick use him? According to the Herald, Belichick gave a typical sort of answer:

Look, every player has the same responsibility every week — to be ready to play, to be ready to go. That’s their job. They can’t control coaches’ decisions. Coaches’ decisions are coaches’ decisions. They can control their preparation. They control their performance when they’re in the game. That’s what a player’s job is. It’s all the same for everybody.

Edelman was productive Sunday with two touchdowns. However, he doesn’t inspire confidence in me as the primary option. Rookie Kenbrell Thompkins caught just four passes in 14 targets. Josh Boyce and Aaron Dobson could be relevant against the NYJ.

Note: I still haven’t discussed the underwhelming offensive line play on Sunday.

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