Patriots Pulse: Rex Ryan Has His Own Version Of Fantasy Football (PHOTO)

While one confident member of the Jets has already predicted a win for his team tonight, let’s take a look at something a bit more realistic. It is always bold for a random member of the underdog (or any team) to guarantee a victory, but Muhammad Wilkerosn‘s guarantee earlier this week was a bit of a fantasy.

And, according to this clever online picture, Rex Ryan knows a thing or two about fantasy football. No, he isn’t a successful manager in his personal league. He’s more like another delusional believer that his team will be the last one standing. Of course this is all in good fun, but it had to be posted on the afternoon of the first Pats-Jets game of the season.


Though his team is undefeated (as of now), Ryan getting to touch that trophy on his home field come February sure seems like an accurate description of a fantasy. This one, however, is a lot easier to get on board with.


The Patriots and the Jets kick off at 8:30 tonight.


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