Patriots Match-Up Mania: Aaron Dobson Vs. The Ball

Can Tom Brady get his rookie targets to listen to him?

Can Tom Brady get his rookie targets to listen to him?

How did you feel about your New England Patriots last week at this time? How did Aaron Dobson feel?

The Patriots, uhhh, beat the Jets last Thursday in a thoroughly futile football performance and fans and players alike were disappointed in the 2-0 club. The most optimistic take I had was that it couldn’t get worse than a 13-10 win over an awful NYJ team.

I’m not singling out Dobson as the one key factor for a successful third game. His repeated drops, however, could be viewed as a symbolic explanation of one of the worst Pats games in recent memory.

Dobson’s three catches on 10 targets isn’t good enough, despite his crucial touchdown. And, he seems to be aware of it. “I think I can improve in both areas, physically and mentally,” he said. “I have that mindset to be better and improve going into this game.”

Do we have to assume Dobson tweeting his horoscope is helping?

Tom Brady is certainly hoping the team gets better in a hurry. He can’t ever lose his composure again in a game like he did against the Jets. He’s setting the tone correctly this week. To quote TB12:

I think there’s a real urgency to what we do here. This is not tiddlywinks. This is real football and this is a real job and we’re held accountable every single day for what we do every single day.This is about winning football games, and we’re doing our best to do it, and that’s why we work hard. That’s why you make the commitments you make to the players that you play with, so that we can go out and try to win, and win on a consistent basis.

We all know the players work hard and make a commitment to each other. When they take the field against Tampa Bay, the problem isn’t one of commitment. It’s who is on the field.

Shane Vereen is out, along with Danny Amendola – most likely. Rob Gronkowski might be playing. Will he be at less than 100% and how much will he play?

Brady and Dobson and Kenbrell Thompkins need to be more productive because Julian Edelman can’t carry a team against a Tampa Bay defense that can roll out Darrelle Revis to shut down somebody and if that somebody is Edelman then the rookies will be Brady’s targets.

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