Celtics Tweets of Interest: Kris Humphries’ Visit to Fenway Park; MarShon Brooks Marvels at Peyton Manning


The Boston Celtics waived forward Donte Greene last week to clear cap space and get under the luxury tax. This move came nearly a month after the Celtics acquired Greene from the Memphis Grizzlies for center Fab Melo. The Grizzlies waived Melo days after the trade was official. This means the Celtics currently have 14 players under contract at $71.2 million. With the luxury tax set at $71.7 million, the Celtics avoid the tax and the repeater tax, which is an important component from the new CBA. Since the Celtics are walking a tight line under the tax, they cannot over more than a minimum contract at nearly $500,000.

Training camp begins on Monday and the Celtics roster is in full-sprint mode as they finish their off-season workouts. There are some players who are enjoying their time while they remain in Boston.

Point guard Rajon Rondo will not be one of the players in training camp on Monday as he is recovering from a torn right ACL that he suffered in January. Rondo had surgery on the ACL nearly a month later. Whether Rondo will return for the season opener in Toronto, Danny Ainge said, “I would be shocked.”The team will not rush Rondo back and they can afford to because they traded Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Brooklyn Nets, which means that they are no longer contenders for the NBA title.


New Celtic Kris Humphries checked out a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. The Red Sox have exceeded expectations from before the season. Meanwhile, the Celtics are hoping to follow the Red Sox because many NBA experts are projecting the Celtics to finish in the bottom of the Eastern Conference. Humphries also took a picture and used a line from the film, “There’s Something About Mary.”


Many Patriots’ fans won’t like this tweet from MarShon Brooks. It is difficult to not shake your head over what Manning is doing on the football field. While Manning may be doing this against less talented teams like the Oakland Raiders, he has gotten off to an impressive start with 12 touchdowns and zero interceptions. Celtics fans will hope Brooks can improve his defense when he is on the court because that is what hurt Brooks when he was with the Brooklyn Nets. Former Nets coaches Avery Johnson and P.J. Carlesimo refused to give minutes to Brooks because he was liable on the defensive end. Brooks did appear in 73 games last year, but he only saw 12.5 minutes per game. While Brooks can be marveling at offensive performances from athletes in other sports, he will need to prove to Brad Stevens and the Celtics coaching staff that he can play on both sides of the court.


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