B’s Beat: Bruins Goalie Tuukka Rask May Play Like Cool Jazz, But He’s All Heavy Metal


Bruins netminder Tuukka Rask may play like cool jazz, leave his opponents singing the blues, but he is ALL HEAVY METAL. He sat down with Esquire Magazine to share his love for hard rock and metal especially the bands from his native Finland. Unfortunately, some of teammates don’t share the same love of music.

“I love rock and metal,” Rask says. “I’m pretty much banned from the DJ job because I like to mix in some Finnish heavy metal tunes and the guys really don’t like that. So I just put on my headphones sometimes and keep it to myself. That’s very Finnish.”

And what goes better with metal and hockey?

ALCOHOL of course….

“You must like to drink, that’s one thing you have to remember: You must like beers and alcohol! Finns drink a lot of beer. I don’t get to do too much of that during hockey season, but I always like to go home in the summertime because the days are really long, so it’s like an extra five or six hours of partying and hanging out in the sun.”


Well, all Bruins fans remember how much Tuukka liked the suds after Boston won the Cup back in 2011. It appears he was drunk for a week.

And there isn’t a damn thing wrong with that….

Everyone says goalies are different kind of animal and Tuukka Rask is no different and Bruins fans love him for it.


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