Red Sox Report: David Price Cares More About His Individual Awards Than Winning

David Price got roughed up last night. He gave up 7 runs in 8 innings, including 2 solo shots David Ortiz (who he is supposed to shut down), and instead of giving the Red Sox any credit or any of the blame he went to Twitter and reminded everyone of his awards he’s won in the past.

david price

I believe David forgot to mention his postseason stats as a starter. I’ll remind you David; 0-4 with an ERA over 4.00. And he’s considered the Ace of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays! The only thing that really matters is winning a World Series and since his rookie year, Price has done nothing but hurt the Rays on the Postseason.

As for the Rays Manager, Joe Maddon, he may have provided some good bulletin board material for the Red Sox clubhouse.

The Rays have talked the most trash out of all eight playoff teams, yet they are the only one’s down 0-2 in a series. Let’s hope the 3 Rays fans in attendance don’t bother the Red Sox too much at Tropicana Field on Monday.

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