B’s Beat: Nathan Horton Comes Clean Why He Left The Bruins For The Beaches Of Columbus


Former Bruins winger and playoff hero Nathan Horton came clean why he left Boston for the “Beaches Of Columbus”. He said the Bruins waited too long to extend his contract.


“All year, nothing happened. I waited for a long time,” Horton said. “When you wait until the last minute, what am I … I’m not going to wait around. I’m happy with the way things turned out. It just came down to, at the end, for my family, I wanted a place where my kids could be outside.”

Ok Nathan, Bruins fans appreciate what you did especially in the playoffs in 2011 helping  lead the team to the Stanley Cup.

But come on man, the team waited to the last minute? Granted the “Behind The B” documentary probably didn’t disclose everything, but can you blame the Bruins for thinking this out long and hard? You floated most of the regular season and you have concussion issues.

You went to Columbus so your kids could play outside?

Columbus is in Ohio right? Or did the city migrate down to Florida?

Just admit it was the 7 year $37.1 million deal, Nathan. I would have more respect if you just came clean about the REAL reason…..the BENJAMINS.

At the end of the day, you were all about the MONEY and not WINNING.

2 comments on “B’s Beat: Nathan Horton Comes Clean Why He Left The Bruins For The Beaches Of Columbus”

  1. Tyler says:

    I would be all about the money too. Anyone who isn’t is lying. There aren’t many over 35 year olds playing in the nhl

  2. jeff taylor says:

    hes gone now ,iginla will more than fill in. go bruins

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