Dustin Pedroia Knew 2013 Would be “Special” Year for Red Sox

We’re just hours away from the start of the 2013 World Series and as we all know, the Boston Red Sox will be taking the field at Fenway Park for game 1.


Before the season started not many people thought the Red Sox could make the playoffs, never mind win the American League Pennant, and why would they after a horrible season last year where the Red Sox were unable to even win 70 games?

One man knew this season was going to be special. When all the doubters were doubting his team, Dustin Pedroia warned the world the Red Sox would have great season.

“Only thing I ask is u believe now ! Don’t jump on later . Boston doesn’t have bandwagon fans ! It’s going to be special and we want the city to make a huge advantage all year for us . Get loud ! Thx everyone lets go”

Pedroia hasn’t tweeted much this season, but he flat out told Red Sox Nation this was going to be a special year. Sure Boston does have plenty of Bandwagon fans who have jumped on already, but Pedroia set the tone in Spring Training, and here the Red Sox are 7 months later, about to go into battle for the World Championship.




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