Patriots Match-Up Mania: Tom Brady Vs. His Mirror

Is Brady ready to be Brady?

This is not a case of me offering a fashionista critique of Tom Brady that leads to calling him a “pretty boy” player. After seven games, however, Brady needs to look to himself to cure what is ailing this New England Patriots team.

Injuries, personnel questions, and, at times, poor execution or play have plagued the Pats. We’ve seen the games. Brady can’t be exempted from the poor play factor. Despite the other factors, TB12 simply has to step his game up in order to beat the Miami Dolphins tomorrow, who look to have their full complement of defenders ready for the first time this season.

Statistically, Brady looks worse than he’s played. He’s 27th in completion percentage at 56.9. Even worse is his 19th-best quarterback rating of 48.5. Once you factor in the injury-plagued and very young wide-receiving corps, the numbers could be telling a bit of a lie.

Let’s be optimistic, though. Rob Gronkowski returned last week and was surprisingly effective in his first game this season. Brady and Gronk put 114 yards up. Danny Amendola says he’s ready, too. Can he stay ready?

Having said all that, football in 2013 is about winning. Brady is still focused on it and not stats.

Really the team stats matter the most, and the individual stats – in football they’re not probably as telling. I mean, you have them and you keep track of them [but] the wins and losses is the most important – truthfully, it’s the only thing that’s important. As long as you win and as long as you’re doing what it takes to win and help the team win, then you’re in a good situation.

At least one person unequivocally supports Brady: Brett Favre. He said: ““In my opinion, by far, it’s the most impressive performance, in any season, that Tom [Brady] has had.”

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