Fists Of Fury: Top Five Boston Bruins Enforcers Of All-Time (VIDEOS)



The Boston chapter of the NHL has not been dubbed the Big Bad Bruins for nothing. The B’s have had their fair share of “enforcers” throughout franchise history. 

But what is a hockey enforcer exactly?


Enforcer is an unofficial role in ice hockey. The term is sometimes used synonymously with “fighter“, “tough guy“, or “goon“. An enforcer’s job is to deter and respond to dirty or violent play by the opposition. When such play occurs, the enforcer is expected to respond aggressively, by fighting or checking the offender. Enforcers are expected to react particularly harshly to violence against star players or goalies.

This list has been compiled by fan feedback on the Big Bad Bruins Facebook Community Page and career PIM’s will be the key factor in determining our list.

So tape up your hands and put the training staff on standby, it’s time to get a bloodied lip and shiner.

Grab that ice bag and enjoy the Top Five Boston Bruins Enforcers Of All Time.

Honorable Mention –PJ Stock

Seasons With Bruins: 2+

Total PIMs With Bruins: 182


#5 -John Wensink

Seasons With Bruins: 4

Total PIMs With Bruins: 429


#4 – Lyndon Byers

Seasons With Bruins: 9

Total PIMs With Bruins: 959

#3 – Shawn Thornton

Seasons With Bruins: 6+

Total PIMs With Bruins: 998

#2 – Jay Miller 

Seasons With Bruins: 3+

Total PIMs With Bruins: 858


#1 – Stan Jonathan

Seasons With Bruins: 7+

Total PIMs With Bruins: 738


NOTE: People are probably asking Jay Miller #2?  Over 800 penalty minutes in 3+ season is utterly INSANE!


22 comments on “Fists Of Fury: Top Five Boston Bruins Enforcers Of All-Time (VIDEOS)”

  1. shamrock26 says:

    Except for PJ Stock, not bad, but all time? How about, Eddie Shore, Fern Flaman, Teddy Green, Leo Boivan, Vic Stasiuk, etc.. All time? I think not!!

  2. How about any of Cam Neely’s Epic fights…..

    1. David tennent says:

      Exactly, ive seen neely knock people out with one punch

  3. Chris Giron says:

    Stan Jonathan is a great choice. Despite his size, he had the speed and power of a middleweight fighter. Other Bruins that should get mentioned, obviously, Terry O’Reily and the Turk, Derek Sanderson. His battles in Madison Square Garden alone were legendary.

  4. Sorry everybody, Milan Lucic just ate all of your contestants for a midnight snack and is THE ONLY ONE LEFT… ONE THROUGH FIVE, MILAN LUCIC

  5. My thoughts are that Terry O’ Reilly must not be considered an enforcer,…this poll should have been top 5 fighters of all time. I only started watching the Bruins in 83′, so, IMO, here is my ranking;

    Honorable mention; Wensink

    5. Miller
    4. Neely
    3. Jonathan
    2. Thornton
    1. O’ Reilly

  6. runamuck43 says:

    outside of Thorton, all the rest you listed were essentially only goons and spawned in the Cherry Era. my image of an true enforcer are ones who can contribute a whole game while not backing down. lucic & chara leads today’s team, while i would offer my listing:

    1) O’Reilly
    2) Wayne Cashman
    3) Cam Neely
    4) Derek Sanderson
    5) Bobby Orr (yes, Orr!)

  7. David tennent says:

    everyone is forgetting one very talented fighter… Bob Beers

    1. ed nolan says:

      Seriously??! I’m guessing you must be a neighbor of the man… I checked it out on and Beers had a total of ONE fight in his career!!!

  8. All Time would have to include Teddy Green, and Leo Boivin. My late father would have added Eddie Shore for sure.

  9. Clpro1957 says:

    I can only speak about players seen.
    Being born in 57′ and having been blessed to see the great Robert Gordon Orr ( 8 consecutive James Norris Trophy’s.) Shamrock26 raises this point back to the great Eddie Shore,and others.

    Anyone who doesn’t think Terry O’Riely wasn’t an “Enforcer,” should think again.All time leader in PMI with almost 2100.

    My List:
    #1-Stan Johnathan
    #2-Terry O’Riely
    #3-Jay Miller
    #4-Shawn Thornton
    #5-Lyndon Byers
    Now a guy no one wanted to mess with.Vancouver’s “Dave(“Tiger”)Williams!

  10. Clpro1957 says:

    Oh,and if you don’t think O’Riely was an “Enforcer,” tell that to the guy in N.Y.’s Madison Sq.Garden in 78.’ When after hitting Johnathan.O’Riely was in “The Stands,” after the guy!
    Along with Peter McNabb,believe it or not.( Believe O’Riely received an 8 game suspension at that time.)

  11. Andrew says:

    you should also remember, that for a short time, the one and only Ken Baumgartner was a Bruin. One of the greatest fighters ever.

  12. Joe Gill says:

    I agree I screwed up leaving out O’Reilly

  13. Andrew Smith says:

    Terry O’Reilly was such an enforcer, he was given the Garden penalty box when it was torn down because he spent so much time there.

  14. Axxell says:

    Leo Labine, Bob Armstrong, Fern Flaman…Leo Boivin…..Doug Mohns…. PLEASE

    1. Teddy Green. Leo Boivin.
      Coach and former B’s star Bill Quackenbush was in a Jeopardy question this week…A defenseman who won the Lady Byng Trophy and was immediately traded!

  15. Joanne Lineberry says:

    As for two Boston boy enforcers who terrorized the NHL lets not forget Chris Nilan and Kurt Waker pounding of Joanthan…..

  16. Joanne Lineberry says:

    And don’t forget Kurt Walker was the first American Enforcer in the NHL who had a fierce left hand and would have given all of the above mentioned a run for their money!!!!

  17. Ken says:

    Are you kidding? Where’s Derek Sanderson? Eddie Shore #1

  18. Whoever is putting these lists together do your homework. Ever heard of Ferny Flaman not only the toughest Bruin all time easily, but arguably top ten toughest all time period. Hockey News 1966 chose Flaman top fighter in his era saying he may have never lost a fight. I asked Ferny about this and he said “I don’t know about that but I lost very few”. Could write a book on this guy he just wasn’t messed with. Found one video on Flaman he throws a left comes back with a right and drops the Canadien. Have to stop.

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