B’s Beat: Tuukka Rask SMASH, Soderberg Has NO Front Teeth (GIF & VIDEO)


Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask HATES to lose, so much so that he did his best Incredible Hulk versus the Blues…..Tuukka Rask SMASH!


After losing a shootout to the St. Louis Blues, Tuukka tried to make his stick into kindling and said that the NHL should “gas” the shootout. More and more people are losing the luster for the shootout, but “gas” Tuukka?

I would pick my words a little more wisely.

And oh, did you know that Bruins winger Carl Soderberg is not only one eyed but he is lacking teeth in his front grill.

Guess Carl got new chiclets before he came across the pond.

You have to love the cheesy 70’s theme music….

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Die Hard Sport & @hcubed78!

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