Shopping Or Bruins Hockey? It’s A Black & Gold Friday For The Discover NHL Thanksgiving Showdown!

Most people know the day after Thanksgiving as Black Friday. It involves getting up at 4 AM to save $200 for a HD TV, waiting in long lines and possibly getting in fisticuffs over the hottest toy of the holidays.

However, according to a survey of over 800 hockey fans, 73% rather sleep in then and catch the Discover NHL Thanksgiving Showdown. For the 2013 game, it’s officially Black & Gold Friday for Bruins fans as they square off against Original Six rival, the New York Rangers.

Not surprisingly, 48% of hockey fans surveyed also mentioned they would forgo the Turkey, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes if the game was played on the day of Thanks. Some diehards (13% of those polled) would move Thanksgiving dinner to the next day. Not sure how that would fly with the family, odds are not good, but hockey fans love their puck.

What fans love even more than the game itself are the rivalries that make it. When a Bruins fan sees the Montreal Canadiens logo, a feeling of anger comes over them. If they ran into a Habs fan in the grocery store, they may body check them into the French bread display.

Or if they saw the red, white and blue of the Discover NHL Thanksgiving Showdown opponent, the New York Rangers, they would just mention two words Torey Krug. The Bruins rookie blue liner lit up King Henrik for four goals in his first five career playoffs games.

Below are survey results based on what is the best rivalry in the NHL:

31 percent think the Chicago Blackhawks versus the Detroit Red Wings is the NHL’s best rivalry. Coming in second place was the Pittsburgh Penguins versus the Philadelphia Flyers at 17 percent. The New York Rangers versus the Boston Bruins finished third at 16 percent.

Ok Bruins fans don’t want to talk about the Blackhawks right now (still too soon) and the Black & Gold own the flightless birds from Pittsburgh. The Red Wings are now division foes and the B’s have had Philly’s number since 2011.

And over 62% of Bruins fans think their team will lay the lumber to the NYR during the Discover NHL Thanksgiving Showdown.

So forget getting up early to shop, rest up, grab your favorite shoe and get ready for Black & Gold Friday!

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