B’s Beat: What Would The Tuukka Rask Cartoon Look Like? (PHOTO)


Who doesn’t love everyone’s favorite Finn, Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask (oh besides the Tim Thomas militia)? He is a great role model for kids (except for his post shootout nuclear meltdowns) for his humbleness and professionalism. Plus he does have times being an absolute goofball (see 2011 Stanley Cup celebrations).

This sounds like the makings of a great show on Adult Swim or a cartoon more geared towards the kiddos on Saturday mornings.

But what would each version of Tuukka look like?


 (MEME: Days Of Y’Orr) 

He could channel the bat sh*t crazy Tuukka in a “Halo” themed adventure mowing down the opposition in the shootout.


Or of course Tuukka could be a  hug-able and lovable version that could be made into plush toys?

Hello Disney?

I know I would tune in!

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