Celtics Tweets of Interest: Charles Barkley Entertains Kris Humphries; Jordan Crawford Receives Honor


The Boston Celtics endured an emotional and tough week. They fell to the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers.
Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce along with the rest of the Nets showed why they were contenders for the NBA title on Tuesday night in Brooklyn. In the 96-88 loss to the Clippers, the Celtics allowed the Clippers to get to the free throw line while posting poor offensive possessions in the second half. Doc Rivers made his return to Boston last night. In the second half, the Clippers’ defense did not allow much penetration in the paint by Jordan Crawford and the rest of the Celtics.
Before these last two losses, the Celtics had won six of their previous eight games. They got a reminder of what it is like to win close games against talented opponents. Both the Nets and Clippers had mismatches at point guard and center. The Nets had Deron Williams and Brook Lopez. The Clippers had Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Without Rajon Rondo, the Celtics are lacking against superior competition in these two positions.
Here are two noticeable tweets from Celtics’ players:

This is an obvious statement from Kris Humphries while Humphries was following the New York Knicks lopsided win over the Nets on December 4th. Charles Barkley was a great basketball player and he may be even better providing analysis in the studio on TNT. Barkley’s honesty is very entertaining. Players don’t want to be embarrassed when their game is being televised on TNT because Barkley will make a note of it for his commentary on the game. Humphries did not play in the loss to the Clippers because of a bruised knee that he suffered against the Nets.

Celtics forward Brandon Bass retweeted the Celtics congratulating point guard Crawford on being named Eastern Conference Player of the Week. Crawford helped lead the Celtics to wins over the Milwaukee Bucks and the Denver Nuggets last week. Crawford scored 47 points combined and he shot 17-of-27 from the field, including 6-of-11 from beyond the three-point line. He added 13 assists in the two home victories. Crawford continued his strong performance with 23 points in the Celtics’ 114-73 victory over the Knicks on Sunday afternoon. The Celtics’ guard nailed six treys to silence the Madison Square Garden.

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