B’s Beat: Did “Classy” Ryan Kesler Try To Gouge “Classless” Brad Marchand’s Eye? (VIDEO)


Bruins winger Brad Marchand got under the Vancouver Canucks skin YET AGAIN. He kissed his ring finger in front of one of the Sedin sisters in EPIC taunting fashion.

And Ryan Kesler is saying that Marchand was classless:

“Obviously no class,’’ Kesler said of Marchand. “I’m a firm believer you win with class and you lose with class, and it’s all I got to say about that.’’

I guess trying to gouge someone’s eye out is classy Mr. Kesler?

Hoist that Cup up high Marchy!

“I did it after [Kesler] was eye-gouging me,’’ Marchand claimed. “Just my emotions were a little high after that. He’s welcome to say what he wants. We both play different games, and whatever happens on the ice stays out there.”

Looks like some of the Boston Media is saying that Marchand went too far….

Don’t make any judgments unless you are on ice level or in the scrum….

Of course if the Bruins won 6-2, no one would have had a problem with it.

Is it February 4th yet?

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