B’s Beat: Milan Lucic Involved In Incident At Vancouver Bar (VIDEO)


The Bruins trip to Vancouver has gone from bad to worse. Bad enough they got beat quite convincingly by the HATED Canucks 6-2, but now Vancouver native and Bruins winger Milan Lucic was involved in an incident at a local bar.

I will have to admit this was not the smartest move on Looch’s part. You know for a fact people are going to f*ck with you in Vancouver and you know for a fact someone is going to film it…..

Update – Milan Lucic Addressed The Media About The Altercation:

“Other than being at Rogers Arena, you’ll never see me in downtown Vancouver again,” Lucic said. “I’m done trying to defend city I’m from.

Good for you Looch, they can’t even embrace and feel good for their own….PATHETIC!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To CBS Sports!

2 comments on “B’s Beat: Milan Lucic Involved In Incident At Vancouver Bar (VIDEO)”

  1. Troy says:

    Ya burn the city down again, nice comment asshole….

    1. Joe Gill says:

      To The #NHLBruins Fans & Good People Of Vancouver, I apologize for my insensitive comment about your city. I should not generalize about a whole city for the actions of a stupid few. I am sorry, my “fanboy” side took over and that was wrong.

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