B’s Beat: A Bruins Fan’s Solution To The Tim Thomas Jersey Dilemma (PHOTO)


There is NO disputing what Tim Thomas did for the Boston Bruins Franchise. He had one of the most EPIC & CLUTCH goal-tending performances in NHL history leading the Black & Gold to it’s first Stanley Cup Championship in 39 years.

Then he went off the reservation and shot his way out of Boston.

So where does that leave the B’s fan stuck with a $200 Tim Thomas jersey?

This woman has a great solution….just purchase some duct tape and a sharpie….


Nice touch with the gold tape…..at least it matches!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Reddit!

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  • I say take off the name and now you have a Gerry Cheevers Jersey.

  • I agree with Alan Rogers whole heartedly. I proudly wear all three of mine, home, third, and his actual las training camp jersey with the Bruins . I’ve been in stat arguments with guys at games who presumes I was a puck slut or a pink hat- far from it – rink rat neighbor played hockey growing up. No matter what may have said or did off the ice does NOT tarnish the sweat and even blood he gladly pourded for his team and fans on the ice. I may never get to thank him in person, but I knew he had some special spark since his Provience Bruins Days. His effort should never be swept under the rug – he is forever a Boston Bruin who was part of the Stanley Cup team in 2011.

  • Best clutch Bruins goalie ever. Best reaction to situation and was able to keep focus in close games and stopped all shots at the end of the second and third periods. It was just the way he saw hockey and how he played.

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