B’s Beat: Pens’ Brooks Orpik Speaks About Incident, Relationship With Shawn Thornton

Pittsburgh Penguins Vs. Boston Bruins At TD Garden

Late last week, Bruins winger Shawn Thornton presented his appeal to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman in regard to his 15 game suspension for his “attack” on the Pens’ Brooks Orpik. On the same day, Brooks Orpik spoke about the incident and his relationship with Thornton in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Here are some interesting excerpts from that story:


What are your thoughts on the attack?



“I haven’t watched it and I don’t have any memory of it. I don’t really have a thought on it. I’ve kind of avoided it. I don’t really have any desire to watch it to be honest.”



There have been suggestions you should have fought Thornton after your hit on Bruins forward Loui Eriksson. 



“I didn’t watch the hit or the game so asking me questions about the game, I can’t really …”

I find it hard to believe he does not remember the hit on Loui Eriksson…….

In general, should a player have to fight after a legal hit?



My opinion is probably different from the next guy and different from the next guy. People have their own opinion on that. There’s a lot of hits during the season. There would be a lot of fighting if that was the case.”


Brooks, buddy,  sorry there are NOT a lot of open ice hits on players with their heads down….

Have you talked to Thornton?





“I talked to him that night and I talked to him the day after.”

Did he apologize?



“Yeah. He was really apologetic. I got to know him the last four or five years. Last year, I think we skated … I don’t know, it was a long lockout, so probably 40-50 times together, worked out together, went to lunch together, stuff like that. He texted me. He was really apologetic. It’s not … my record is far from perfect in this league or far from being completely clean. It’s one of those things … I think he knew he made a mistake and regretted it right away. I’ve had the same feeling with certain incidents that I’ve been a part of. I think you just try to learn from it and move on and try to be smarter in similar situations going forward. Like I said, I know him pretty well. He’s always been a pretty good friend of mine.”

I wonder if he shared the same “feeling” on the Loui Erikkson “incident”….

Do you feel his 15-game suspension was appropriate?




“I don’t really care about the suspension really. I think just like every question, everyone is going to have an opinion. Everyone isn’t going to be completely satisfied or completely agree with it.”

Mr. Orpik did you think your suspension for your hit on Mr. Eriksson was appropriate?

Oh wait…..


  • Orpik you’re a f****** yellow coward,that’s what you are.

  • “I find it hard to believe he does not remember the hit on Loui Eriksson…….” Methinks you’ve never suffered a sports related concussion.

  • And the fan base that consistently makes fun of Crosby whining is still whining. Orpik’s hit was legal, maybe disrespectful, but legal. Everyone except bostonians thinks so. Yet still whining. Got nothing to be upset with. Yet still whining.

  • Shawn Thornton did what he was supposed to do! He is an enforcer, he saw a blatant cheap shot hit on one of his teammates and he addresses it…. End of story

  • thornton for mayor

  • I would vote for Shawn. Met him twice GREAT guy!

  • Shanahan a hypocrite and Bettman just a complete idiot .I hope when Thornton comes back he deals the same justice to James Neal only really punches him not like the two little smarten up jabs he gave the biggest coward in the game Orpik. and with any luck Crosby be standing behind Neal to get an elbow in his whinny mouth while Thornton is pounding Neal.

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