NESN’s Jenny Dell Is Dating Will Middlebrooks & May Join Fox Sports (PHOTOS)


It’s a SAD time for Red Sox nation and NESN, the “Baconator” AKA Jenny Dell is rumored to be leaving for Fox Sports. The change may be due to her relationship with Red Sox infielder Will Middlebrooks.



(PHOTO: The Big Lead)

Not sure if NESN has a you can’t date the athletes you cover clause, but they must be frowning on this BIG TIME especially after the Heidi Watney-Jason Varitek alleged affair.

Why can’t these ball players keep their “mits” off the “talent”. They are ruining it for all the average Joes!

I mean sh*t that was a big reason I watched the Red Sox….

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To The Big Lead

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