Bruins Throwback Thursday: Jarome Iginla Then & Now (PHOTOS)


(Art: DeRoy Designs)

No one would have thought that future hall of famer Jarome Iginla would ever wear the Spoked B of the Boston Bruins after the trade fiasco where he chose to go to Pittsburgh. However, “Iggy” manned up and approached the Black & Gold as a free agent. All is forgiven when you perform on the ice  and Iginla is doing just that on the top line with David Krejci and Milan Lucic.  He still brings grit and shows a nose for the net even though he is on the back nine of his career.

So, everyone in Calgary knows everything there is to know about their former captain, but how much do Bruins fans know about Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla?

So let’s step into the Black & Gold time machine and look back at Iggy’s  hockey journey.

Welcome to Bruins Throwback Thursday!




(PHOTO: Matchsticks & Gasoline)

Age: Unknown


(PHOTO: Hockey Now)

Age: 17

Kamloops Blazers


(PHOTO: Hooked On Hockey Magazine)


Drafted By The Dallas Stars & Then Traded To The Flames For Joe Nieuwendyk


(PHOTO: Beacon News)


Calgary Flames – Rookie


(PHOTO: Behind Blue Lines)

Age: 26

Calgary Flames – Western Conference Champs

Lost To Tampa In Stanley Cup Final


(PHOTO: Vancouver Sun)

Age: 32

Team Canada – Olympic Gold Medalist


Age: 34

Calgary Flames – Heritage Classic

Jerome Iginla, Nathan Horton

(PHOTO: Big Bad Blog

Age: 35

Traded To The Pittsburgh Penguins (Bruins Fans Pretty Pissed)

Jarome Iginla

(PHOTO: O Canada)

Age: 36

Boston Bruins

I predict Iggy retiring as a member of the Boston Bruins and hoisting his first Stanley Cup.

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