Patriots Pulse: Charles Barkley’s Right, Pats Fans Are Spoiled (VIDEO)


NBA Hall Of Famer Charles Barkley AKA Sir Charles AKA The Round Mound Of Rebound was dead on with his assessment of Patriots fans/media….

Totally agree with Sir Charles, Patriots Nation is so spoiled, we do take things for granted & it’s TURRIBLE. They do have a chance to win EVERY year and it’s Pretty DAMN Cool!

There are many NFL cities that would die for ONE winning season or playoff appearance right now (hello Cleveland, Oakland, & Buffalo!).

People who support the “Flying Elvis” need to wrap their heads around these numbers since the Hoodie & TB12 came on the scene:

  • 13 Consecutive Winning Seasons
  • 12¬†Playoff Appearances In 14 Years
  • 18 Playoff Victories
  • 8 AFC Championship Game Appearances (3 In A Row From ’11-’13)
  • 5 Super Bowl Appearances
  • 3¬†Super Bowl Victories

Prior to 2000, the New England Patriots were far from the incredibly successful franchise they are today. These numbers may scare you into APPRECIATING & CHERISHING every moment of this Patriots “Golden Age”.

  • 16 Winning Seasons from 1960-1999
  • 10 Playoff appearances from 1960-1999
  • 7 Playoff Victories from 1960-1999
  • 2 AFC Championship Appearances
  • 2 Super Bowl Appearances

So enjoy the ride people because when Tom Brady retires with Gisele wearing his Uggs watching football rather than playing it and when the Hoodie is actually smiling more……


You will be DYING For the Good Ole Days, so ENJOY THIS!

stallions proto

Remember the Patriots were a Bob Kraft purchase & Bill Parcells hire away from becoming the St. Louis Stallions….

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