B’s Beat: Jarome Iginla Has Brought True Grit To The Bruins (PHOTOS)


Jarome Iginla is doing his best John Wayne & bringing True Grit to the Boston Bruins.

However, less than a year ago, Iginla was more Benedict Arnold than John Wayne as he chose Pittsburgh over the Spoked B leaving fans enraged (myself included). BGbCw_rCEAA0JEm

The day after the trade that did not happen, let’s just say I wasn’t happy…

“Iginla is going to the f*cking Penguins! You have to be f*cking kidding me!” 


The Black & Gold FRAUDS in Pittsburgh that stole the colors of the Boston Bruins, have now abducted our Stanley Cup dreams & “Iggy”. 

Jarome Ignila is going to Pittsburgh for a six pack of Schlitz, a dirty ashtray & a bag of pork rinds.

The Penguins are now the Miami Heat of the NHL.

I got over the “Case Of The Iggies” last season with plenty of Jagr shots. And I thoroughly enjoyed the Bruins dispatching Iginla and the flightless birds in four straight during the Eastern Conference Finals.

Because Iggy didn’t choose wisely, karma ended up being a b*tch draped in Bruins’ Black & Gold.


But Jarome Iginla learned from his wrongs and has been nothing but RIGHT with the Bruins. First off, he manned up and called the Bruins during free agency. When you are big enough to admit your mistakes, you will go far in these parts.

He then accepted a team friendly deal to prove his worth to the franchise that he left a scorned lover.

The reconciliation between Iginla and the Bruins fan base has run it’s course and the love affair is in FULL BLOOM.

Iginla is looking wicked awesome as a Big Bad Bruin.

He has dropped the gloves and has sacrificed digits all in the name of the Spoked B.


He has fit in just swimmingly with his linemates Milan Lucic & David Krejci (15-18=33 pts thus far).

He has a nose for the net not seen in the Hub Of Hockey since that guy Sea Bass who is now the Bruins president.

He has helped breathe life into a once PATHETIC power play.

And even when he is not scoring, he is doing all the “little” things right (+14 in 50 games).

His teammates respect him and LOVE him. They displayed their admiration for their elder statesman and what he has accomplished by pushing him back on the ice in Calgary for yet another victory lap.

He has completely won over his team and the fans with his true grit, determination and leadership.

Jarome Iginla simply embodies what means to be a Boston Bruin.

And let’s hope he gets to raise Lord Stanley over his head so he will know how it feels to be a champion….

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