B’s Beat: The Tim Thomas Sacred Cow Club Defends His Slash On Soderberg (VIDEO)


Former Bruins goalie & Stanley Cup champion (need to remind EVERYONE of this or I would be considered a “Pink Hat), Tim Thomas can do NO wrong in the eyes of his fans. Members of the Tim Thomas Sacred Cow club see him as a deity because he was instrumental in returning Lord Stanley back to the Hub Of Hockey in 2011. He has been absolved of all wrong doings because of this divine accomplishment.

It was okay to for him to embarrass teammates by not going to the White House. Instead of putting his political views aside for a few hours, he was a NO SHOW due to HIS agenda.

It was Thomas’ god given right to take to Facebook to use his celebrity to get on his social media pulpit and PREACH.

It was totally acceptable to DISHONOR his contract that he allegedly signed in “good faith.” Isn’t that one of his F’s? ¬†Faith?

So Timmy shot his way out of town and no wears the colors of the FLORIDA PANTHERS.

He got lit up like the Fourth of July and the Garden crowd rained down the THO-MAS taunts….well deserved for MANY reasons in MY opinion.

But then as time was winding down in the Bruins dominant performance this happened….

To the objective fan, Carl Soderberg played to the final buzzer and was tangled up with the Florida defenseman. His stick INADVERTENTLY poked Thomas above the shoulder. Thomas than retaliated with a malicious cheap shot slash to the back of Soderberg’s neck.

However, to the card carrying member of the Tim Thomas sacred cow club, it was SODERBERG’S fault.

Yes, some “Bruins fans” felt Soderberg provoked the goalie stick retort. How dare Carl Soderberg, who lost vision in one of his eyes due to a stick, skate towards the net and do his job? He has the nerve to skate anywhere near Lord Thomas!

Take him to the goalie stick guillotine!

Some “fans” even went as far to say that Thomas would have had no backlash if he played for the Bruins still.


Objective (there is that word again) Bruins fans would have said that was wrong, cheap and uncalled for. Just as we did when Shawn Thornton crossed the line with Brooks Orpik (some fans are comparing the two incidents).

Love Thorty, but NO ONE in their right minds could support what he did.

And some others even posted Youtube videos of the Sedin and Burrows incidents from the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, saying it was okay when Thomas did this when he wore the Spoked B but not when he wears the cat of the Florida Panthers? Odd, I don’t recall his stick striking any Canucks player above the waist?

So the whole “this is who Thomas is and you loved it when he was in Boston” argument doesn’t fly either.

Tim Thomas footy pajama wearers, please call a spade a spade and just admit that Thomas took a cheap shot at Soderberg. The same Carl Soderberg that wears the Black & Gold NOW, the team you allegedly love

I do need to commend those that have seen the light and LOST respect for Godfather Thomas (kiss the Stanley Cup Ring!) after this latest stain on his fleeting legacy here in Boston.

They are beginning to use objectivity (that damn word again!) and realize that Thomas is more ZERO now than HERO.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I WAS a HUGE Tim Thomas fan, but that version of Tim Thomas is long gone and hard to find.


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  • As a former *HUGE* Timmy Thomas fan, I felt bad that he got lit up like that last night.

    he’s always been intense when playing, but the stick to the head was wrong. blocker to the face like he did against a Canadien (can’t remember which) or to the Canucks is OK. stick to the head is not OK.

    and it’s Soderberg, not Marchand, so there’s no pestering, no cheap shots involved. it was just a hockey play.

    he needs to have a chat w/ the league.

  • You said everything here I was thinking. I am from Flint, Michigan…home of Tim Thomas. We both graduated in 1992. I was his number one fan (among many others…lol) but with him leaving the team and the “I stand with Chik-fil-a comment (I am gay) I was hurt and stopped cheering him. I was at TD Garden for the first match-up against the Panthers when Thomas was present but not in net. They did a video montage to him and fans stood and applauded. And guess what, I stood and applauded. For what he did for us. Helping us get the Stanley Cup. I applauded him as a player…not his political views. But this last night is uncalled for. It is not the same as a blocker to the face, It is a high stick to the head area. It doesn’t matter what jersey you wear, it is wrong. End of story.

  • I’m sorry but as a goalie myself. Soderburgs stick came down right across Thomass shoulder and it pissed him off as it would me. The league has let alot more free lance plays against goalies and goalies have no way to protect themselves when players are swinging there sticks around hitting the goalies in the head hands and wherever else they may hit. Next time a player comes in HIS crease they are going to be alittle more aware of Thomas. If a player came down across a goal scorers shoulder like that there would be a fight and he’d be able stick up for himself unlike a goalie. Thomas did what any other player would do on the ice if that had happened to them. The only thing that he shouldn’t have done was hit him in the head.

  • I was a huge Tim T. fan. Bought everything Thomas. You said everything I wanted to say. I don’t like to see cheap shots like that. Even if our goalie did it. It’s wrong. Grow up people. He ruined his own image. I gave his stuff away. I love Thornton, but did not like what he did. So some of you are saying it’s okay to injur someone, who could lose their living, from a cowardly shot. Our you a Bruins fan or a Thomas fan.

  • I support chick fil a but not the tomahawk chop

  • And I sure as heck would not go to Obama’s white house

  • markpmarinoama7596o

    zzzz… another Bruins fan bashing other players while making a case for his own sweater. If TT was in a black and gold sweater, you’d be calling him a warrior — a goalie with balls. But now that the B’s don’t have him between the pipes you accost him. LOL! ‘Timmy, thanks for not only winning a Cup for us, but getting us past Montreal in Round 1. Without you, we’d be 3-seasons-deep with Don Sweeney as our GM and who-knows as our head coach. But not that you are on the opposition, we can forget about the 39-year draught and blast you for a perfeclt legit play on our journeyman third-liner.’

  • Excuse me been a bruins fan since the early 70s. The game was over why even crash the net .In my opinion that was poor sportsmanship on both teams for what happened. Should of just shot the puck around to waste time at the end there. just my 2 cents

  • I know I’m late but that fact that Tim Thomas (Who I’m still a fan of even though he’s with a different team now) not only knocked down one player, he knocked down TWO and to this day, that’s freaking awesome.

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