B’s Beat: Tuukka Rask Haters Give The Ripping A Rest…Your Act Is Getting Old


Hey card carrying members of the Tim Thomas Sacred Cow Club, your Cup winning messiah is NOT coming back.

Tuukka Rask is NOW and for the foreseeable future the starting goalie of your “Beloved” Boston Bruins so GET OVER it!

Why not embrace #40 rather than continually ripping him apart. Reiterating OVER and OVER and OVER again that he is not as good as Saint Thomas Of The Quitters.

Your act is getting old, really old….

Every time Rask has a subpar to poor performance (which has been maybe 5 or 6 games out of 41 starts thus far), the verbal diarrhea flows down the streets of Boston like the great Molassess flood of 1919.

“Puukka Trask does not deserve the multi contract the Bruins gave him” – Wow I guess leading your team to the Stanley Cup Final and being a top 5 goalie doesn’t warrant financial compensation.

“Rask is a choker. He blew the series versus Philly in ’10, against the Caps in ’12 and lost the Cup in 17 seconds versus the Blackhawks.” – Hmm, if my memory doesn’t fail me, the BRUINS blew that series versus Philly and losing Krejci was the beginning of the end (see his playoff performances in ’11 & ’13).

TIM THOMAS was in net when Joel Ward’s weak shot eliminated the Bruins in Game 7 during the 2012 playoffs.

If it was not for Tuukka Rask in 2013, the Bruins don’t have a chance to make a comeback versus the Leafs. He outplayed Henrik Lundqvist (even despite the butt tumble) and was a Zdeno Chara post and Chris Kelly open net from hoisting his second Stanley Cup (first as a starter).

Even though I presented all the evidence to combat the utter BS that the Rask detractors spew, they will find a way to debunk it.

However, it’s quite funny when things are going well, you don’t hear a word from the TT sacred calves.

So when Tuukka Rask wins the Vezina and Cup this year (maybe even the Conn Smythe as a throw in), I don’t want to hear the minion of Tim Thomas to praise Tuukka in any way. Because at the end of the day, you are nothing but front runners and pink hats grasping your Timmy binky until it’s pried away from your cold dead hands.

If you were indeed, TRUE Bruins fans you would root for the logo on the front not against the name on the back.



Tuukka Time is here to stay…..




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