Bruins Throwback Thursday: Brad Marchand Then & Now (PHOTOS)


Bruins’ forward Brad Marchand is a fan favorite for various reasons. He can put the puck in the net. He comes to play when the stakes are high (see the 2011 Cup Final). He is the agitator. He is the player the other team’s fans HATE and Bruins fans LOVE him for it!

The Nose Face Killah is Black & Gold through and through….

Let’s step into the Black & Gold time machine and look back at Brad Marchand’s hockey journey.

Welcome to Bruins Throwback Thursday!


(PHOTO: The Awesome Boston)

Age: Wicked Young



(PHOTO: Metro Mews)

Age: 15

Dartmouth Subways 



Age: 16

Moncton Wildcats 


(PHOTO: The Coast)

Age: 19

Halifax Mooseheads 



(PHOTO: The Awesome Boston)

Age: 20

Providence Bruins


(PHOTO: Boston Bruins)

Age: 21

Boston Bruins – Rookie Season


(PHOTO: Home News Here)

Age: 22

Boston Bruins – Stanley Cup Champion


(PHOTO: Terez Owens)

Age: 22

Boston Bruins – Livin’ It Up At Foxwoods

After a slow start, the Nose Face Killah is BACK!

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