B’s Beat: The Zdeno Chara “Charazard” T-Shirt Is An Engima Wrapped In A Puzzle (PHOTO)


Bruins captain Zdeno Chara has many nicknames including Big-Z & the Devourer of Souls. However, I never heard of this name of reptilian origin….behold the “Charazard”!



Am I the only one that doesn’t get this? This looks more dragon than lizard to me. Or is a dragon a lizard? I am confused….maybe I am too old?

To each his (or her) own…

If you like this engima wrapped in a puzzle or like Dungeons & Dragons or both, you can get the Charazard” on a t-shirt or hoodie.


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  • *psst* Charazard is a Pokémon. It’s a play on words. Or names. 😛

  • Greetings from Ontario, Canada. This reply is about 10 months late, but “Charazard” is the perfect name for the big guy.Charizard is a Pokemon from the 1st set of cards released in N.A.He is huge, powerful and all other Pokemon run in fear of him.His card was by far the most sought after and by far the most valuable. Sound familiar?

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