Bruins In Sochi: It’s Official Zdeno Chara Has Gone Viral With #PicsWithZdeno (PHOTOS)


Yep, Bruins captain Zdeno Chara is a VERY BIG DEAL (Pun Intended) in Sochi. He has gone full blown viral on Twitter with his own hashtag #PicsWithZdeno. It all started with Canadian figure skater Kirsten Moore-Towers and it has taken a life all it’s own since.








Wow, even the dudes are getting in on it!

Damn Z is like the Slovak Where’s Waldo!?

I wonder if we are are going to see #PicsWithTuukka or #PicsWithLoui or #PicsWithBergy Or #PicsWithKrejci?

My favorite will be coming this June, #PicsWithStanley!

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