B’s Beat: Bruins Wish Olympians Good Luck, Terrorist Habs Fan & An Emotional Reunion (VIDEO)


The Boston Bruins enter the Olympic Break on top of the Atlantic division and second in the Eastern Conference. They will return to action February 26th, but for now all focus is on Sochi.


UPDATE: Bergy, Krejci & Tuukka headed to their flight to Sochi!

Terrorist Loves The Habs

An Ukrainian man was arrested for trying to hijack a plane from Turkey to Sochi. He was rocking a Montreal Canadiens jersey at the time.


(PHOTO: DeadSpin)

I wonder if he dived and held his face claiming police brutality when he was apprehended.

Emotional Reunion

During the Bruins-Senators game on Saturday, Justin Strausser of the U.S. Navy surprised his family as part of the team’s “8 spoked salute. His family was overcome with emotion as you can image. And if you have red, white & blue running through your veins, you couldn’t help but shed a tear as well.


On a separate note, is it February 26th yet?

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