B’s Beat: Habs Pulling The Plug On Gillette Stadium Tilt Vs. Bruins?


Just one month after Bruins fans got all hot and bothered about an Original Six battle versus the Habs At Gillette Stadium, looks like (typical) Montreal may be pulling the plug.

Well I hope Renaud’s sources are as accurate as his spelling of Gillette Stadium…


Don’t F*ck this up Montreal!

Pot of Baked Beans Goes To Reddit!

One comment on “B’s Beat: Habs Pulling The Plug On Gillette Stadium Tilt Vs. Bruins?”

  1. Domenic Celeste says:

    Being a life long Bruins fan from Canada I can see the disappointment in the potential loss of this opportunity, and I was looking forward to coming to Boston to watch my Bruins beat the hated Has however being a Canadian I also see how Bettman is screwing over Canadian hockey fans. Although Canadian Television rights bring in more revenue than US Broadcast rights even though Canadian teams make up less than one quarter of the league some major Canadian cities such as Montreal and Toronto have been denied outdoor games while some cities have hosted in or appeared in multiple games. The outdoor game trend was started in Canada and at first Bettman thought of it as a novelty that nobody would care about, and even eluded to canceling them in the future, but now that he sees how great they can be he is now doing too many per season and the brilliance of the idea will lose its shine. Come on now, the NHL puts on an outdoor game in California before one in Montreal Toronto, or Ottawa? That’s not right.

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