Could This Be Boston’s New Sports Anthem? Check Out “Strong”! (VIDEO)


Bostonians LOVE their sports, but LOVE their city even more. This was not more evident on how the city and the country rallied around the people effected by the Marathon bombings last year.

Boston is Stong.

“Strong: A Boston Anthem” penned by Amanda Carr & preformed by local music legend Charlie Farren encapsulates the true strength of Boston and it’s people.

Could this be Boston’s new sports anthem?

Check it out!

5 comments on “Could This Be Boston’s New Sports Anthem? Check Out “Strong”! (VIDEO)”

  1. B says:


  2. Vanessa says:

    What an inspirational song. I hope so! Would love to hear this at Boston sports venues!

  3. Haley Parlin says:

    I love this song!!

  4. Lynn says:

    YES!! This needs to be the new anthem for Boston, Boston Proud!!!

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