B’s Beat: Milan Lucic Calls The Habs’ Emelin A Chicken (VIDEO)


The Milan Lucic- Alexei Emelin hate fest has reached new levels. The Habs “tough guy ” aka flopper/turtle/spineless puke hit Lucic with a borderline hit, in other words no need to hit him low besides to injure him (see Ulf Samuelsson/Cam Neely).

Milan Lucic decided to even things up with Emelin with a “love Tap” which caused Emelin to have “instant paralysis” and fall to the ice.

Montreal typical….

And this is how Looch summed up the night with Emelin…

How do you say chicken in French? Oh yes, Le Emelin.


  • You must be Lucic’s boy lover. Not a single hockey person thinks that’s a dirty hit. Are you 12?

  • You think Emelins hit was borderline? Whats that say about Boychuk trying to take out Subban? He was much lower and clearly out for blood like the rest of those dirty fucks on the Bruins

  • Emelin’s hit was a clean hip to hip, lucic is just being a big baby about it. Couldn’t believe he had the nerves to call him a chicken after spearing him in the nuts from behind, complete coward; shouldn’t be playing hockey if he doesn’t want to get it. Obviously you’re going to go low on a big player if you want to take him down, it’s common sense, stop crying about it.

  • It’s amazing that a cheap shot player like Lucic, known for dirty tactics and targeting smaller players has the face to call another player a chicken after a perfectly legal and clean body check. Then again, fits right in with guys like Marchand and Thornton.

  • Awww….Poor Bushleague Bruins.

  • Dirty hit, you must be kidding, a perfect old fashion hip check and nothing more. You want dirty check out your mister Chera and his stick on Emilin after the check. That is the guttless spine of the Bruins. Don’t ever recall him “CHERA” dropping the gloves with any of the leagues tough guys?

  • Dirtiest team in the NHL for many years and always get away with it because they have someone in the league office to protect them. Go back a few years and watch the replays of the Vancouver/Bruins Stanley cup games when they got away with every dirty play you can think of without penalty from the on ice officials and league office. Lucic runs Miller of Buvvalo and says “I didn’t see him” yup from 30 feet chasing a puck that Miller got to first and he didn’t see him. Typical dirty Bruins play.

  • Yes Montreal is not a cheap team that embellishes…you are all right

  • Perhaps watch abit of minor hockey and will see that the hip check in open ice is one of the safest hits in hockey. Go back to basics instead of writing crap to get attention. Perhaps a stick to the groin wouldn’t hurt a person like yourself and have no pain since you have no balls.

    With Lucic antics, Chara’s bullying they deserved the loss and have lost a western Canadian fan.

  • So Habs fans you were okay with Boychuk’s low hit on Subban then? Also love your childish cut downs.

  • Seriously Lucic you are the biggest pussy . You maybe need to go back down to the minors to understand what a PERFECTLY EXECUTED hip check is cuz mister you just just got served. Emilin did exactly what a good hockey player is suppose to do and legally. Without your goon Chara to try and save the day you are NOTHING! Suck it up and be the professional you are “suppose” to be.

  • to compare this hit to the one on neely is completely asinine. stop cleaning milans jockstrap with your mouth

  • love tap? that was chicken shit back turned play why didn’t the big tough bruin face him instead of spearing him from behind. It must be because he doesn’t appreciate clean hits.

  • Montreal Scumbags

    I hope Montreal enjoys it’s first round exit from the playoffs once again this year.

  • So much hate between two towns who have a fantastic hockey history. Have you people really taken in the task of making both towns look bad? Yeah Lucic didn’t like the hit but that was a textbook hip check, Why doesn’t he ask Marchand how a hit from someone’s back feels like? Then again, there’s been a ton of good hits from boston players on montreal players that looked dirty but weren’t. Show’s over, game’s over, move on, gents and lasses

  • Hip checking is one of the best parts of the game! Chara is a big goon he was being a dumb goon the whole game! But wow what a game last night between Habs and Bruins.

  • For fans who think that hit was illegal, they clearly don’t watch enough hockey. Hockey is a violent sport, if you wanna watch a sport that has no contact in it should watch baseball or basketball.

  • LOL you stick someone in the balls and that person is a chicken? Grow a pair and grow up. You lost to a team two men down for the whole game. Montreal fans are not worried about the hit that took out our player nor the fair fight that saw the second player get KOed. Those are fair hockey plays. The hits was against the boards and Boston got the penalty. Move on. The two players consented to fighting, one got hurt, move on. The Emelin hit was a good hip check. Lucic keep your head up, every pee wee players knows better. Boston, nothing but cry babies and bullies. I’m sure all my Yankees fans would agree too lol

  • B’s just play your game and you win this game instead you resort to all sorts of foolishness. Other teams can hit you. It’s part of the game. Rise above it all. You are the best team in hockey. And for the record Emelin is no chicken he fought (and held his own) against Chara once before, and he keeps going for more.

  • Way to dive Montreal, typical chicken shit tactics to avoid a fight and draw a penalty. They must be taking cues from soccer leagues. Stay classy Habs, until the next Miller time

  • lucic couldn’t even look george laraque in the eye years ago when challenged, and emelin is the chickenshit? and the spear to emelin, according to lucic, never happened… who are you? fucking peter pan?

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