Celtics Beat: Green’s Inconsistencies The Norm


When the Celtics brought over Jeff Green in the controversial Kendrick Perkins trade, the Thunder did not mind giving up an athletic wing in his prime years. That in itself should have told Danny Ainge to be wary of what Green may have promised – key word promised.

It’s clear now that judging just from a player to player swap (Perkins for Green), the Celtics won that decisively. Perkins is closer to the end than the beginning, and Green is averaging a career high in points this season as the de facto go to player for a lottery bound squad.

Often feeling the wrath of fans this season – deservedly and undeservedly so – the former Georgetown Hoya scored 39 points in an overtime loss to the Pelicans and followed that up the following night with a five point dud against the Mavericks. Jeff Green is consistently inconsistent. In fact, per NBC Pro Basketball Talk, he is the only player with more than a dozen 25+ point games, and more than a dozen single digit scoring games this season.


Click if you dare to see just how up and down Jeff Green’s production has been

What I’ve noticed in watching Green’s performances is that it is fairly easy to see if he will have a good game or not. Just watch the first few minutes, and if Green is moving well and driving hard to the lane, expect a strong game that makes him worthy of his $9 million per year salary. If he’s floating through the early stages of a game and sort of playing without a sense of urgency, his game often mirrors that of a replacement level player. He’s also one of the NBA’s best in regards to “posterizing”, and may in fact lead the league in among everyone not named Blake Griffin.

In regards to his salary, it is not so bad when compared with his peers.  Oddly enough he makes about the same as the guy he was traded for in Perkins, as well as a comparable forward in Thaddeus Young from the Sixers. In a league where O.J. Mayo makes $8 million per year to be out of shape, I am more than content to see the Celtics pay Green what he is making. He has been a model citizen, and seems to be taking a liking to the city. He is also in prime physical condition at the age of 27, which should not be overlooked considering it was an unknown if he would ever play again after having open heart surgery in 2012.

Don’t fret about Green’s inconsistencies, even though at 6’9 he sure as hell should be averaging more than 4.8 rebounds per game. Green certainly doesn’t care.


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