Bruins-Habs: Canadiens Anthem “Rock The Sweater” Is 263 Seconds Too Long (VIDEO)


Montreal “rapper” Annakin “Skywalker” Slayd has been making Canadiens anthems for over 4 years.

Who can forget 2010’s “Feels Like ’93?

Well everyone outside of the city of Montreal.

Annakin is back with another Habs song….and the build up was incredible!

Right before Game One he debuted his new Habs anthem “Rock The Sweater”.

Here is my critique of this diddy penned to unite a nation of insufferable Habs fans…

This song is 263 seconds too long.

Why is this song not in French?

Annakin you are rocking an Expos hat really? If your city gave a sh*t about “America’s game”, you would still have a team. But now it’s a fashionable throwback…weee!

Psst Chris Nilan is from Boston (which is NOT a French speaking city), the home of the team you loathe (oh yeah Nilan played for the Bruins).

Do you forget that your team drove Patrick Roy out of town because he was pissed that he was humiliated by his coach and then your beloved Habs traded him to the Avs.

And last but not least, why don’t you let that beautiful girl (minus the Habs laundry) sing more? She would bring more to the table than your cheese riddled rap.

Please, please we need a Bruins fan to show Annakin how to rock a real sweater.


NKTOB, you guys are on the clock to write a Bruins anthem….

6 comments on “Bruins-Habs: Canadiens Anthem “Rock The Sweater” Is 263 Seconds Too Long (VIDEO)”

  1. Paul Dube says:

    What a dumbass article.

  2. Paul Dube says:

    Obviously the author knows nothing about baseball in Montreal, so likley knows nothing about the rest of the crap he wrote either. Great song, great artist….just an author who is clueless.

  3. French Speaker with Open Mind says:

    Clearly you know nothing about baseball at the big O in Montreal.
    2nd, the song is not in french because in Montreal, we have an open mind, we can speak 2 languages, unlike you closed minded ignorant clowns.
    3rd Chris Nilan is from Boston, you’re right, but guess what, his best years were in MONTREAL, the team he supports and LOVES till this day, and let’s not forget, he now LIVES in MONTREAL!!
    and lastly, before you criticize someone for their work, lets see you put a song together, let alone 3. Go back under the rock you crawled out from. The world has enough idiots, we dont need anymore, and especially not you

  4. Paul says:

    Ahhh… jealous

  5. Julie says:

    Montreal is bilingual, didn’t you know? why do you troll on our fandom, nobody asked your biased opinion

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