Bruins-Habs: One Tweet That Encapsulates What REAL B’s Fans Feel About Racism (PHOTO)


P.K. Subban beat the Boston Bruins with a blistering slap shot in Game One. Great play by a good player.

But of course there are some racist ignorant fools that had to vent their frustration by calling Subban the disgusting “n” word. If you recall back in 2012, Joel Ward of the Caps beat the Bruins in Game Seven and yet again the morons surfaced.

As a Bruins fan and human being, I am disgusted. However, I am sick of Boston being labeled the only racist city when this goes on throughout sports and society….right Harrison Mooney?

Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelpia Flyers was subject to racism during the playoff series versus the Rangers. Some fans of the NYR dropped the “n” word on Twitter.

Why no coverage on this? Is Simmonds not as good of a player as Subban? And Montreal fans tweeting out that Bruins fans are part of the KKK infuriates me to no end. 

How hypocritical when it’s the same Montreal fans that attend games in “Black Face. Oh yeah, Habs fans threw a banana at Canes Goalie Kevin Weekes back in 2002. So Stay Classy as well Montreal. Screen-Shot-2013-11-10-at-5.35.57-PM-480x369Habs fans when you start throwing stones take a look at yourself in the mirror. Try taking the high road like Brian Dailey and The Bruins Organization.

Brian is a representative of the MAJORITY of Boston Bruins fans.

So don’t label a WHOLE city and fan base as the only racists in the universe.

Oh by the way the Boston Bruins were the first team to have an African Canadian player, remember Willie O’Ree?

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8 comments on “Bruins-Habs: One Tweet That Encapsulates What REAL B’s Fans Feel About Racism (PHOTO)”

  1. When Wayne Simmonds joined the Flyers with Jake Voracek and Brayden Schenn, a person I am friends with called the welcome picture of them a “golden (reverse) oreo”. I was sickened by the fact that a member of a fan base that I had been friends with would stoop that low. Simmonds has had bananas thrown at him, and we have all scene the racist tweets about him as well, most notably during a series against the Pens. I am married to an African American retired professional athlete, and I can attest to the fact that racism is alive and kicking in every corner of this country. My blog on the Simmonds comments is here but be warned, I swear a lot.

  2. Oh, and I meant to say thank you for being a true hockey fan.

    1. Joe Gill says:

      You are welcome! There is no room for such BS!

  3. Marcus says:

    Racist comments or actions doesn´t belong in the world of sports or in any other world either. I get so frustrated everytime someone does this awful action. The true fans love the sport for what it is and they love their team, no matter who´s playing in it.

  4. Jeff says:

    “Oh by the way the Boston Bruins were the first team to have an African Canadian player, remember Willie O’Ree?”

    They obviously don’t remember Anson Carter either.

  5. jeff says:

    shit happens. let it go. just trolls looking for a reaction. now buddy in the bruins jersey stop being miss drama queen and being so desperate for attention. yes I know no capital letters troll!

  6. j.b says:

    what was it over 20,000 racist tweets, in 24hrs hours I would say there are more then a minority of loser boston fans, and lets not forget what they did to the Toronto fans last year, beating up all the leaf fans at the game. one of your people even knocked out a women, Boston fans are an embarrassment to the great game of hockey

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