Bruins-Habs: Well Looky Here, Markov Speared Zdeno Chara In The Family Jewels (GIF)

Well, Montreal Canadiens fans can FINALLY SHUT UP about the Lucic spear to Emelin’s undercarriage earlier this series.

Because your guy did the SAME THING….


Habs defenseman Andrei Markov not only skewered Big Z’s nads but also tried to goat the refs into a penalty call.

Guess Chara’s scrotum was holding Markov’s stick.

It was Markov that ignited the scrum which ended in classless Habs fans pelting Milan Lucic with trash.

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t be shooting bazookas…

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6 comments on “Bruins-Habs: Well Looky Here, Markov Speared Zdeno Chara In The Family Jewels (GIF)”

  1. Marco says:

    Yet, Chara shows no sign of pain or whatsoever! Proves how big of a pussy he is!

    1. Joe Gill says:

      Just like everyone on the Habs

  2. habs are just a bunch of cowards…..

    1. says:

      If you’re within style, you will probably can observe this the whole world enjoys Style Week like it is Holidays. You’re likely to comprehend why they’ll holiday over their unique base looking to get some front-row Harley chair and ogling within the extremely options.

    2. says:

      Fashion allows us to know plenty around the someone, the way in which that they liven up, that these people place their own attire within concert suggests an individual they are actually each day time. Possibly even people that claim not to ever things to see happy the way in which that these people feel nevertheless show an account concerning who they are really as nicely as what we should play the role of.

  3. Unbiased says:

    Trips, swings his stick in the groin and then asks the ref for help. Coward move definitely but not a spear. The rule book is very clear what a spear is. Jabbing action with the tip of the blade. Lucic is too tough and good of a player to do what he did earlier.

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