Bruins-Habs: Classless Canadiens Fan Desecrates Bobby Orr Statue (PHOTO)

There is a saying, “Act like you have been there before”. Evidently, some Habs YAHOOS (not fans because true fans have respect for their opponent and history) possess no maturity or have any respect for anything.

Rather than revel in a much deserved series win, this turd decided to desecrate the Bobby Orr Statue in front of TD Garden.


Just f’n pathetic. I highly doubt any Bruins “fan” would do this to Rocket Richard or Guy Lafleur.

Have some class and trying winning with some class.

Montreal Typical.

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To @wickedmikee87 !

Note: Just a matter of time before the Habs trolls comment and bring up the racist tweets.

And I will say read this.

29 comments on “Bruins-Habs: Classless Canadiens Fan Desecrates Bobby Orr Statue (PHOTO)”

  1. Steve Rogers says:

    He is French after all.

    1. Sylvain Pilote says:

      Idiot Steve Rogers… the statue is in Boston… i guess some french dude 1000 + miles away, drove down to fuck the statue up the ass…. you have to be the dumbest person i know, and by far

  2. No – Boston fans would simply chant racist chants at Subban and throw garbage at the opposing team. Give me a break.

    1. Joe Gill says:

      You threw the trash and your fan base wears racist black face. Idiots in all fan bases.

      1. Jim says:

        What a ASSHOLE!!!Learn RESPECT in the game of hockey and its history of great players.If i would have been there you would have gotten a f-ing punch in the face.JERK!!!!

  3. Ismaël St-Laurent-Blais says:

    Doesn’t change nothing that he is French! In every languages, there is immature and stupid people. The language they speak change absolutely nothing in the way they act.

  4. pete says:

    yeah and bruins fans would just watch a habs fan pissing and call him gay too….racist homo losers

  5. mornelithe says:

    As a Bruins fan, all I have to say is, if the Bruins hadn’t played like zombies for 4 straight periods through games 6 into the first period of G7, that fan wouldn’t be there. Tough pill to swallow, the team needs to really get it’s act together when it plays the Canadien’s, because it’s embarrassing to watch. They’re better than that.

    EdtechempowersBrian Bailey – Yes, condemn an entire fanbase because of a few bad apples, makes a ton of sense, really.

  6. Sylvain Pilote says:

    Idiot Steve Rogers… the statue is in Boston… i guess some french dude 1000 + miles away, drove down to fuck the statue up the ass…. you have to be the dumbest person i know, and by far

  7. Samuel says:

    “Montreal typical”
    So, you accuse us of generalizing the city of Boston as racist, but can’t refrain from generalizing the entire city of Montreal as classless scumbags?
    Wow, you must be some special kind of stupid…

  8. bruinsboss says:

    WE wouldn’t be so hard up for sex that we would have to fuck a statue. Judging from the looks of that guy- it’s the only sex he will ever get !!

  9. bruinsmaster45 says:

    I only wish Bobby Orr could have been behind him and punched him out for being such a pussy !

  10. Joshua Lemish says:

    The more Bruin supporters complain about “injustice and how rude everyone is” they should take a long look in the mirror and see how they have lead the charge in utter BS and douchebaggery. Throw more garbage on the ice you sore losers, chant more racist chants, squirt more water to hide your tears!

  11. billym says:

    you find that disrespectful but have no problems with racist tweets……………do not generalize all habs fabs… there are idiots on both teams

      1. Samuel says:

        This is not a reason for you to continue generalizing. “You started the generalizing crap first”, so it gives me right to generalize too. NO, it just shows you have the arguing capacity of a 7 years old.

        1. Joe Gill says:

          you are generalizing all 7 year olds

  12. Amanda says:

    It has nothing to do with “Habs fans” just as the racists tweets didn’t have anything to do with all “bruins fans.” That particular individual is an idiot, doesn’t matter where he’s from or who he cheers for. Get that in your heads people.

  13. Settle down, this guy is just an idiot. Doesn’t make it any better that he’s wearing a Hab’s shirt certainly after the B’s were embarrassed in Boston by their bitter rivals. We all know there are morons wearing every team’s colors, this one just hits home.
    Great series by the Habs, Bruins played horribly and didn’t deserve to win.

  14. Toronto guy says:

    He’s a hockey fan having some fun. He didn’t piss on it or start a riot. “Leave it on the ice” guys come on

  15. NatesMama says:

    Gee, I wish more people were more accepting of the “it’s just a few fans” mantra when you start bitching about us Flyers fans.

    Yes, that was a douchebag thing to do to the statue, but its not representative of all Habs fans. Every fan base has jackasses. Its universal.

  16. Kp says:

    Seriously people, every city has its share of disrespectful moronic fans, Every City! They are a tiny group of people, and I use that term loosely, they don’t represent all the fans.

  17. Jim says:

    I am a true Boston fan and respect the Habs and its great fans.To see some asshole doing this to the greatest of all time is a disgrace.He should be with the jerks whom tweeted P.J..Congrats Habs on your win and hopefully these assholes who do this sort of thing go back in there hole!!!

  18. Steve says:

    American fucking morons, all of you. Lucic tells Emelin that he will kill him next year and it’s ok for you. Fuck you dumbasses

  19. Beaner123456 says:

    Lol. I know that guy he’s actually a bruins fan he borrowed someone’s jersey for the pic to get sympathy. What a loser!!!

  20. Jay says:

    Who needs to bring up the racist comments towards Subban when you have Marchand punching Plekanec in the face before the faceoff while the refs were turnes the other way? Or Lucic and his ever so classy death threats to 2 Habs players during the traditional congratulatory handshake AFTER the game is over? Or Thornton squirting water at Subban in mid play and then chuckling like a schoolyard bully at recess? I mean really, the Bruins nor their fans who agree with this sort of behaviour have NOTHING to teach ANYONE in the way of classy behaviour.

  21. Bill Blasky says:

    Actually it seem exactly like the kind of thing a Bruin fan would do…it is clearly from behind and it is near the statues nuts…be like Boston Hero Milan Lucic!….Personally. however, I think it was goofy and that guy would deserve a Boston beat down…which I am surprised didn’t happen.

  22. Richard Blais says:

    Wow, Very good comment !

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