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Red Sox Report: What is Dombrowski’s Plan?

Dave Dombrowski seems to be a big fan of Jackie Bradley Jr., who has been red-hot at the plate in August.

The Red Sox made big changes on Tuesday, formally announcing Dave Dombrowski as new President of Baseball Operations, and Ben Cherington would no longer be GM for the Red Sox after this season. A lot of change to absorb, but a needed change, and what seems to be a promising one for the organization and the fans.

Dombrowski is a deemed a “baseball guy” through and through, and a guy who is well renown for retaining and acquiring the most talented players. He is an elite baseball talent evaluator, who will have a lot of say in baseball decisions along with the new GM, moving forward.

It is coincidental that young Red Sox players are starting to really come on late in the season. Guys like Jackie Bradley Jr, Travis Shaw and Blake Swihart have all proving their worth in the majors and are not 4A players so to speak. Along with Betts and Bogaerts, who have been consistent all year, the Red Sox have developed a wave of young players much like the Yankees team in late 90s – strong up the middle of the baseball diamond.


Sox young pitchers Henry Owens and Eduardo Rodriguez have shown flashes of greatness, but have been plagued with inconsistency, as many young players seem to be when they first enter the majors. Since their call-ups from triple A, Owens and Rodriguez have been bright spots in the rotation compared to how the rotation of “all number 1 starters” going into the season have performed, particularly toward the beginning of the year. Dombrowski has made it very clear that pitching, particularly starting pitching, will be the focus going into the offseason.

It will be very interesting to see what Dombrowski’s plan will be, considering the young players are showing a lot of value. It will be interesting to see how many, if any, young players he will move in a trade. It will be interesting to see what he will do about the bad contracts of veteran players. He takes a win-at-all-costs approach and is a big front office figure for a team that needs change, so it may be a busy offseason.

Here is a list of players that Dombrowski (and who is hired as the new GM) could deal:

Hanley Ramirez– At this point, it seems that the Ramirez market is very small, and limited to AL teams that need a DH / lazy LF. Still, there could be a team that would be interested in signing him to be a DH, because he can still rake. What the Red Sox don’t need is his ass-hat-ness in LF, and the league worst plus-minus. I would think the front office would jump at any decent offer with a good return, even if it means eating some of his contract. The big contract doesn’t scare Dombrowski.

Mookie Betts – Chances of trading him are low, but if they can get a Chris Sale or Sonny Gray for Mookie and a package of minor leaguers, I would think the Dombrowski would pull the trigger on this, knowing the Red Sox have Jackie Bradley Jr. in the reserves at CF. This would acknowledge that the team really believes Bradley Jr. is ready to be a two-way player, after a dismal year and a half at the plate.

Jackie Bradley Jr. – He’s finally hitting, but for how long? The Red Sox were in the right in leaving him in Pawtucket to get his swing and approach straightened out. He has come out guns blazing in the month of August (.340, 18 RBI, 4 HR), thanks to his new-found ability to clean out inside fastballs and a much improved swing. His defense is elite, and you could get a team to jump at that kind of talent and promise. Either way, there is a log jam in the outfield. It’s either Mookie, Bradley or Hanley going, and most likely for starting pitching.

Wade Miley

Wade Miley figures to offer the most trade value of any Red Sox starting pitcher going into the offseason.

Wide Miley – Not that he deserves to be traded, but Miley seems to be the best candidate in the rotation. His contract is decent unlike Porcello’s, he is durable unlike Buchholz, and he is not a young pitcher that the Red Sox would want to develop. So he is the odd man out. A team could bite at the veteran and his contract. That way, the Red Sox have room to lure in an ace via another trade or free agency, something that Dombrowski really seems set on doing this offseason.

Dustin Pedroia – A crazy idea to think about with Pedroia being one of the longest tenured Red Sox and a fan favorite, but with Dombrowski, anyone is on the table. Pedroia brings leadership and grit, along with stellar defense and offense at a position that is at a premium. The Red Sox may want deal him because his is injury-prone and they have depth at 2B. Many contenders would be interested and the Red Sox could get a great return of prospects, even with his current contract going through 2021 at $14 million a year.

Blake Swihart – Like Mookie Betts, a Swihart trade would have to be for the right price. And like Betts, the Red Sox are at a premium at Swihart’s position, with Vazquez, who is also a promising young catcher who displays elite defense. It would be hard to trade Vazquez in the offseason because he is coming back from Tommy John surgery, and one of Vazquez’s best assets happens to be his arm. Swihart, who is batting .297 since the all-star break, might be another player that could land a number 1 or 2 starting pitcher as one of the featured player in a trade package. The Red Sox should just be cautious in doing so.

Brock Holt – The Sox lone all-star (should have been Bogaerts) has a high trade value, and could fit into many teams lineups with his versatility. His contract is very low, and Josh Rutledge is another utility guy that the Red Sox could rely on and seems to be playing well since the Red Sox acquired him at the all-star break. Seems like the right time for the 27 year old get dealt. The Red Sox could see a some bullpen help or a lower-end pitching prospects in return.

Shane Victorino Traded to the Angels

Shane Victorino is headed to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and in exchange, the Red Sox have acquired utilty infielder Josh Rutledge. This is just the first in what may turn out to be a busy few days for General Manager Ben Cherington before the Trade Deadline on the 31st.


Victorino was crucial to the 2013 World Series championship team that brought Boston it’s third title to the city in 10 years. Since 2013, he’s only played in 63 games over the past season and a half, and the move makes sense because of a crowded outfield the Red Sox have.

For now, Right Field will be occupied by Rusney Castillo who was signed for $73 million last season as a Cuban defector. In his stint earlier with the big league club, Castillo underperformed and was sent back down to Pawtucket. Castillo hit .230, but with the team no longer in contention this season, the team is better off letting him figure things out in the big leagues rather than in the minors.

Josh Rutledge is just 26 years old, and despite not playing in the majors at all this season, is a lifetime .259 hitter in three seasons with the Colorado Rockies. In spring training this past spring, he got beat out for a spot on the Angels roster, but it’s important to note that the Angels have a team stacked with great players all around.

It’s unclear as of now whether or not Rutledge will play for Boston or Pawtucket, but things may become clearer after the trade deadline, especially if the Red Sox move either Mike Napoli, or Brock Holt.

Despite his injuries and only playing in 63 games that past 2 years, Shane Victorino will be loved by Red Sox Nation for life for his postseason heroics including his Grand Slam that gave Boston the lead in the 7th inning of Game 6 of the ALCS against the Detroit Tigers. That at-bat sent the Sox to the World Series, and in game 6 of that series against the Cardinals, he hit a 3 run double that solidified the Red Sox win.

Classic Pedro Martinez Moments With The Red Sox (VIDEOS)

Pedro Martinez

Let’s all take a minute to forget about the faltering 2015 Red Sox team and appreciate Pedro Martinez, who will inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend.

Pedro Martinez was entertaining in every possible sense of the word. As goofy and lighthearted as he was during his off days, there was a serious, cutthroat and focused competitor on the mound. Every game he pitched was truly an event. He had electric stuff including 3 deadly pitches that he was known to throw at any count and made some of the best opposing hitters look flat out silly. There is a strong argument that Pedro was the most dominant pitcher in baseball during his time with the Red Sox.

To encapsulate the man that is Pedro Martinez, here is a list of Red Sox moments that were…well, the most Pedro. Let’s turn back the clock as we remember Pedro Martinez and his time in Boston.



17 K’s Vs The Yankees

A masterful one-hit, 17K performance by Pedro despite a 2nd inning home run by none other than current Sox hitting coach Chili Davis. As current Red Sox staff members, I wonder if Chili still gives Pedro grief when he sees him around Fenway for not only keeping him from a no-hitter, but from a shutout.


Tied to The Dugout Post By Nomar & Others

Pedro was known to be a pain in rear on his days off. Nomar and others jokingly got fed up and tied Pedro to a dugout pole with medical tape. The only problem is they missed taping his mouth shut.

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Big Papi & Gronk Sing A Latin Love Song About Iced Coffee (VIDEO)

big papi gronk

Big Papi & Gronk have teamed up again with Dunkin’ Donuts for something a little softer. This new singing sensation has done a love song that Jon Secada would be proud of.

Get your lady, an iced coffee and make some sweet amor.

Oh yeah for all the youngins out there this is Jon Secada….

Linen clothes for all!

Big Papi & Gronk Do Dunks Auto Tune Style (VIDEO)

big papi gronk

When Gronk is not releasing books or Big Papi is not bitching about playing first base, Rob Gronkowski and David Ortiz are getting their “Dunks” aka Dunkin’ Donuts on! In their latest hip hop summer chill classic, “Turn It Up” they give auto tune king T-Pain a run for his money…so turn it up!

Big Papi and Gronk could be the biggest duo in hip hop since these guys….

kid n play

They aint gonna hurt nobody….

Pot of Baked Beans Goes To SI Hot Mustard!

How The Red Sox Can Get Back In The Playoff Race

Let me preface this piece by stating that this is pretty unlikely, considering all the problems this team carries with it. However, if there were any team in the entire MLB to make this kind of run from where they are right now, it’s the Red Sox.

As crazy as it sounds, the Red Sox are not out of it. Thank lord for the pedestrian AL East, right? If only the Sox could win against the other AL East teams, it would really, REALLY help their chances. However, in order to do this, the Red Sox need to make some changes. Here are the changes could help the Sox climb back into this.

1a) Trade Mike Napoli

He was great in 2013, but he is severely struggling at the plate. It hurts to watch. The strange thing is, although he is batting under the Mendoza line (.200 BA), I am sure teams in the playoff hunt will still find value in him for this year, since he will be a rent-a-player for only half a year. You could get something in return for him.

1b) Split DH Role With Hanley & Ortiz

In terms of the Red Sox, trading a flailing Napoli frees up some options for you. You can take the train-wreck that is Hanley Ramirez out of left field for some games and DH him while playing Ortiz at 1st Base, or move Panda to 1B and Hanley to 3B, though that would a hard transition in the mid-season. I think I’m in the majority here when I say, try to DH Hanley as much as possible. Ortiz can play a surprisingly decent first base, but I don’t think he nor the Red Sox want him out there all the time. It sucks Hanley gives a crap effort in left field, but it seems like you won’t get through to him. This is the situation you’re in, and this could be a solution, especially given Hanley’s impressive numbers at DH.


Hanley Ramirez has not worked out in left field

2a) Put Porcello on the DL

Porcello is the pitching counterpart of Napoli’s hitting and Hanley’s fielding. They are all part of the problem. It’s a shame that Porcello has hit this funk. We all know he’s better than this. There’s discussion that they may skip a few of his starts, but it might make sense to put him on the DL. He can have through All-Star break off, and then he work out his stuff with a few starts in the minor leagues, similar to Joe Kelly.

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