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Lester Puts Newton House on Market, Boston Return Doubtful

Remember when Jon Lester got traded to the Oakland A’s at the trade deadline and everybody thought he’d sign as a free agent with Boston this off season? Well that dream for most Sox fans seem to be dead because Lester put his Newton Home up for sale.

World Series - St Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox - Game One

The house in Newton is on the market for a cool $1.85 Million so if your looking for a mansion in the area, that might be just the place for you! It sure is more affordale than the Tom Brady/Gisele Property for sale.

And in case your worried about where Lester and his family will be living, he just bought a $3.4 Million house near Atlanta where he plans on spending his winter.

Lester House

Red Sox Report: Front Office has A Lot of Work to Do

Red Sox fans rejoice! The terrible season finally comes to an end this weekend!! It’s been an extremely long season, and in the end the Red Sox made history. They made history for the wrong reason by becoming the first team ever to go from last place, to winning a World Series, and back to last place in 3 consecutive years.

red sox

Once the Red Sox get off the field for the final time in 2014 on Sunday, Ben Cherington and the front office will have a lot of work to do to try and make the Red Sox a contending team again. The Red Sox find themselves in almost exactly the same situation they were in after the 2012 season, and no matter what moves they make from now until the start of the season, nobody is expecting them to do what they did in 2013.

Pitching Staff: The Red Sox have NO starting pitching. They traded Lester and Lackey at the deadline, and although fans have been hoping for a Red Sox-Jon Lester reunion since the minute he got shipped to Oakland at the deadline, the chances of that happening are slim. If they were able to get him back via Free Agency, they would at least have an ace to work around. They can also look at somebody like Max Scherzer who is a free agent, and even at Cole Hamels who they could acquire through a trade with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Joe Kelley, who they acquired from the Cardinals in the John Lackey deal, looks to be a solid number 3 or 4 starter. He had some quality starts since coming over to Boston, and the front office will hope he can step up his game when given a clean slate in 2015.

It’s not just the rotation that needs work, it’s also the bullpen. Koji Uehara will be a free agent, and this season has not been kind to him. Nobody can expect Uehara to pitch at the level he did in 2013, especially because of his age.

Outfield: The Red Sox biggest problem in the 1st half of the season was the lack of production offensively from the outfield. They started the year with Grady Sizemore in Centerfield, and he was a major bust. By July he was off the team, and Jackie Bradley Jr. was the starting Centerfielder. JBJ wasn’t much better and doesn’t look like he belongs in the major.

Yoenis Cespedes, who was acquired from the A’s for Lester, has looked great since the deadline, and unless there is a big trade this offseason he’ll be starting in the outfield for the Red Sox on opening day. Rusney Castillo, the Cuban defector quickly made his way through the Red Sox system after signing with the club in August. The Red Sox have high hopes for him, and expect him to be on the opening day roster since he’s owed $10 million a year over the next 7 years. Read more

Jeter to End Career at Fenway


After an incredible Yankee Stadium finale Thurdsady night with Derek Jeter driving in the game winning RBI’s in the bottom of the 9th, he dropped an ultimate bombshell by saying he will indeed play at Fenway this weekend.

With the Yankees and Red Sox out of contention, it was almost expected that Jeter would sit out the weekend series. Getting the Game Winning hit in his final Yankee Stadium At Bat, the immediate reaction was there was no way he would see the field at all at Fenway, yet he made no hesitation in saying he would play this weekend.

If your looking for tickets to the final game this weekend, ticket prices on StubHub start at $230, and if he is expected to play Sunday, the price will keep going up.

No matter what, you have to respect such a class act, especially one who respects his biggest rivals and their fans.

10 Years Later: A Look Back at the 2004 Red Sox

It’s hard to believe it’s been a full decade since the Red Sox broke the dreaded Curse of the Bambino. Maybe two more titles in the decade made it seem as time went by quicker. I’m sure if you ask any White Sox fan, they’ll tell you it’s felt like 15 years since they last won, but for them it’s been just 9 years. The Boston Red Sox have won more World Series titles than anybody else since the turn of the Millennium, but if it wasn’t for the 2004 team, they may be going on year 97 of the curse.

2004 Red Sox


It was October 2003, I was certain the Red Sox were heading to the World Series for the first time in my life as they had just 5 more outs to get. Then Grady Little came out of the dugout. Pedro Stayed in. Aaron Bleepin’ Boone in the 11th inning ripped every heart out of every member of Red Sox Nation. That was it. The Red Sox might never get that close again, but when spring came, hope was renewed, and the thought of “Why Not Us?” came to be.

The team had a new skipper in Francona, a 2nd ace to pitcher after Pedro with Curt Schilling, and a top of the line closer with Keith Foulke. They started the season hot, then fell down to earth, and played mediocre baseball for the first half the season. The Yankees were once again running away with the division, and the Red Sox would have to fight with everything they had to get the Wild Card spot. Then Theo Epstein made the most important trade in franchise history since Babe Ruth was sold to the Yankees. He shipped star Shortstop Nomar Garciaparra off for some role players. Nobody, not even Epstein himself would realize how big of a move this was until October.

The team played great baseball over the final two months, clinching the Wild Card, and even giving the Yankees a run for their money for the division. They were in the playoffs and that’s all that mattered. First came the Angels. It was an easy 3 game sweep, with David Ortiz hitting a walk off homerun to clinch the series. The only downside to the series was Schilling injuring his ankle during a game in Anaheim, but everybody figured he’d be just fine.

The Yankees were next. This was the time for the Red Sox to get revenge for what happened the year before. And as quickly as it started, it looked to be over. Schilling was hurt, and tried to pitch. He gave up what seemed to be a 1,000 runs in 2 innings of Game 1. In Game 2 Pedro only gave up 2 runs, but the offense was M.I.A. As a Red Sox fan, I thought “It’s okay. We’ll win the next two at home to tie the series up.” But Game 3 came, and it was the most embarrassing thing I had ever seen from a pro sports team. 19-8. At Home. In the Playoffs.

Game 4 was on a Sunday. It happened to be the year I was making my confirmation, and I was required to attend classes at church every Sunday Afternoon. In class the teacher had written on the white board, “Acts Of God.” He asked the class whether anybody actually thought the Red Sox had a shot of winning the series. I remember looking around, and no one single hand went up. Nobody even flinched. He then said “If the Red Sox win the series, THAT will be an Act of God. If that happens, I know the Big Man is on my side!” The entire class laughed it all off, before he went into a real lesson. Read more

Olbermann Destroys Derek Jeter and the Yankees (VIDEO)

On his show Tuesday, Keith Olbermann absolutley destroyed Derek Jeter and the entire Yankees organization, and rightfully so. There hasn’t been any major member of the media to criticize the way Jeter and the Yankees have handled things this year.


I know Red Sox fans “Re2pect” Jeets, but I’ve been saying everything Olbermann said, all year long. If Jeter wanted to go out quietly, he could have. He wanted a year long celebration to himself.

For all you horrible Yankees fans; It should be noted that Olbermann is a Yankee fan himself and a longtime season ticketholder. The 6 minute clip is worth the watch!


Do you think Jeter and the Yankees have taken his retirement party overboard?



Time to Standardize the DH

The DH can completely change a lineup

The DH can completely change a lineup

Baseball has been around for a very long time. One of the great things about baseball, however, is that over time it has been receptive to change and evolution in the interest of making the game better. A good example of this change came in 1973, when the American League decided to adopt the Designated Hitter for the good of the game, something that the National League has refused to do to this day. The time has come to change that. There is a window of opportunity for that to happen, as Rob Manfred will be replacing Bud Selig as Commissioner in the offseason and can impose a new vision on the game. There needs to be one rule for both leagues, and it needs to include a DH.

Last night’s Red Sox-Pirates game in Pittsburgh clearly highlighted the need for a universal DH. Due to the host being a National League ballpark, and therefore playing without the DH, David Ortiz was left out of the starting lineup entirely. This led to Daniel Nava hitting third (Daniel Nava!!!!!!!) and the lineup predictably suffered, failing to score a run or put up really a credible threat or rally. In addition, starter Anthony Ranaudo was forced to go up and flail at three pitches every few innings as the price he had to pay to stay in the game. Unfortunately Red Sox fans should get used to such a phenomenon, because it will need to happen for the remainder of the current series in Pittsburgh.

Read more

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