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Patriots Players Living It Up At The Kentucky Derby (PHOTOS)

Patriots At The Kentucky Derby

Past and present Patriots players descended on this year’s Kentucky Derby. Of course no one made their presence more felt than Rob Gronkowski, as he was rocking a plaid suit to the big race.

Gronkowski at the Kentucky Derby

Gronk was found last night sporting a t-shirt and tie with teammates, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola.

Former Pats d-lineman Vince Wilfork was also in attendance along with Wes Welker and Lonnie Paxton.

Greatest sports day of the year for the Super Bowl Champions? Maybe February 1st was a tad bit greater….

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New York Post Hates On Tom Brady For White House Visit Conflict

Tom Brady

The HATE for the New England Patriots and now Tom Brady is just plain nauseating. Winning spawns jealousy and no place is more jealous than New York especially Jets land.

And the RAG Gang Green reads is the New York Post. They probably bow down to this tool, David K. Lee. When he is not writing about block busting news stories about auctions and craigslist, he is bashing 4 time Super Bowl Champion (3 more Super Bowls than the New York Jets, in case you are keeping score) Tom Brady.

I guess Nutty the squirrel wasn’t water skiing today….

David knows click bait with this title, “Tom Brady Blows Off Patriots Visit To White House”, well he got me…….pissed off.

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No Hail Mary As Malcolm Butler Picks Off Doug Flutie (VIDEO)

Malcolm Butler


Forget the summer of Gronk, this is the year of Malcolm Butler. The Patriots rookie cornerback, who made one of the biggest plays in Super Bowl, has become a household name after making the game saving interception And now he has now picked off fellow Boston sports legend……Doug Flutie.

Both teamed up with Eastern Bank to donate $850,000 in grants to 61 nonprofits at its annual “Community Quarterback” event.

Bill Belichick Being A Boss Down In Florida (PHOTOS)

Bill Belichick

Every man that still breathes air should be mad….because they ain’t him…

So what does the best NFL coach of all time do when he has a little downtime?

Just acting like a complete boss with his gal pal down in Florida.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick just hanging with his eye candy lady Linda Holliday having fun in the sun working the phones…no big whoop.

Aint life good being the Hoodie?!?!

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Incredible Field Level Footage Of Malcolm Butler’s Interception (VIDEO)

malcolm butler's interception

Weeks after the Patriots unbelievable Super Bowl victory, I can not stop watching fan reactions to Malcolm Butler’s Interception. As I relived that incredible moment in Boston sports history, I found this gem.

It will give you goosebumps guaranteed!

Super Bowl Champions…..F’n A!!!

Watch Patriots Fans Go Clinically Insane During Super Bowl 49 (VIDEOS)

Patriots fans go insane after butler pick

I seriously can’t get enough of the videos of Patriots fans going clinically insane during Super Bowl 49 after the “Pick heard around the world” by Malcolm Butler. The Patriots have rolled out a contest on social media called #SB49PatsReact where people can share their moments of euphoria and orgasmic celebration during the team’s FOURTH Super Bowl Championship.

This will never ever, never ever, never ever get old…..ever.

On to the ecstasy….

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