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This Tricked Out Boston Bruins 18 Wheeler Is 40 Tons Of BadAssery (PHOTOS)


I can’t describe how BAD ASS this Boston Bruins 18 wheeler is. Peter Lyons of Templeton, MA must haul ass down the road, not having a care in the world blaring “Black Betty” as he gives the other 29 teams in the NHL the middle finger.

I hope he has Detroit on his current road trip throwing Black & Gold spray painted Octupi out the window!

We need to start a Black & Gold Convoy!


B’s Beat: Tuukka Rask Gets Little Maddie A Customized Goalie Mask & It’s Incredible (PHOTOS)


You may remember 9 year old goalie Maddie Santosuosso from the Bruins series “Behind The B”. She is a tough little girl fighting cancer.

B’s netminder Tuukka Rask went on shopping spree to buy some new goalie gear for Maddie, but the store only had a red painted mask.

Well Tuukka made sure Maddie had a mask emblazoned in Black & Gold with her name.


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Bruins-Red Wings: Pavel Datsyuk Speaks About Being The UnderDog Vs. B’s


Red Wings superstar Pavel Datsyuk spoke about being the underdog versus the Presidents trophy winning Boston Bruins:

He must be a cat guy….


Or he loves lamp…

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Reddit Hockey!

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