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NHL Playoff Prediction: The Goal Song Bracket (Video)

Which team's goal song will carry them to victory in the 2013 GSC?

Which team’s goal song will carry them to victory in the 2013 GSC?

The NHL playoffs kick off in a few hours and I really don’t think that there is a better playoff series in sports. There is nothing like playoff hockey. The tempo of the game, the physicality and the effort shown by all of the guys on the ice blows every other sport out of the water.

If you have ever been to a hockey game you know all about the goal horns that go off when a team scores. Personally, I think the horns are awesome but what I like even more are the songs that follow. Every team has their own goal song and every song, if played enough, can start to drive a visiting goalie insane.

Goal songs come in all forms. There are chants, there are up tempo songs, classic songs and songs that straight up make you want to dance. But it’s playoff time, so for 16 other teams their goal scoring days are over (at least for this season). It’s time for me to reveal my playoff bracket based on which songs are the best. I also welcome any of you to leave your comments and let me know who your Goal Song Cup winner would be.

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Patriots Day 3 Review & Final Thoughts From The NFL Draft

It's time for Bill Belichick and the Patriots to get to work.

It’s time for Bill Belichick and the Patriots to get to work.

It’s official.

The 2013 NFL Draft has come to an end and we now know the names of all 7 players selected by the New England Patriots in this years draft. Yesterday, New England drafted to fill their areas of need and brought in a pass rushing/coverage linebacker, a big wide receiver to stretch the field and two defensive backs to help tighten up the secondary.

Going into day 3, the only real area of need that remained was getting an interior offensive lineman and it was never addressed. But, with 3 picks on the final day (a fourth pick was traded) there was plenty of depth that could be added to the squad and in his press conference last night Bill Belichick made it clear that there was value still available.

So, who joins Jamie Collins, Aaron Dobson, Logan Ryan and Duron Harmon in this years draft class?

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New England Patriots Draft Review: Day Two

Roger Goodell may be done announcing picks, but I'm not!

Roger Goodell may be done announcing picks, but I’m not!

Another day down and we now know who some of the newest members of the New England Patriots are going to be. I am very happy that the Patriots used all four of their picks and they addressed the major needs along the way.

Other than Jamie Collins, I did really mention any of these guys. They were not the highest rated players at their positions and they were not the best players available when they were picked. With that said, they are all quality players who can make an impact on this team.

So let’s meet the new guys, shall we?

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Round 1 of the NFL Draft Recap

That smile will fade once Fisher realizes he is playing for the Chiefs.

That smile will fade once Fisher realizes he is playing for the Chiefs.

Since the Patriots did not make a pick in round 1, I thought I would rattle off some quick thoughts about how the first round played out from picks 1 to 32.

1. Eric Fisher is more athletic the Luke Joeckel but you can’t go wrong with either player. Fisher just put the MAC conference and Central Michigan on the map.

2. Joeckel is going to make more money than the #1 pick because Florida has no taxes. Jacksonville got their guy to protect the QB…now they just need a QB for him to protect.

3. Did not expect Miami to be jumping up this high to grab a pass rusher. To me this was clearly a reaction to playing Tom Brady twice a year. Cameron Wake and Dion Jordan could wreak havoc in the AFC East.

4. Lane Johnson is a great fit in Philly. The Eagles need someone to help protect Mike Vick, but they also need someone who can keep up with Chip Kelly’s new offense. They got the right guy. Oh and his wife has braces. LOL.

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New England Patriots Draft Review: Day One

Who's name is going to be on this sheet later today?

Who’s name is going to be on this sheet later today?

Well Patriots fans, day 1 is in the books and to nobody surprise it went exactly as you would expect.

I always figured the Patriots were going to trade their first round pick because they only had 5 total picks total. To add depth to the team they needed to have more picks in later rounds so making pick 29 available made plenty of sense. The only problem with it was finding a trade partner who wanted to jump back into round 1, and sure enough there were plenty of teams interested.

Enter the Minnesota Vikings.

Here is how my reaction went to this trade:

Step 1: “Of course we traded the pick”

Step 2: “I can’t believe I kept watching the draft knowing they would trade it away”

Step 3: “I wonder what they got in return”

Step 4: “Holy shit, they got a lot back for that”

Step 5: *Picking my jaw up off the floor and praying for the fans in Minnesota who are not happy with what went down*

The Patriots gave up the 29th overall pick and in return grabbed picks in the second (52), third (83), fourth (102) and seventh (229) rounds from Minnesota. Clearly there was just no player that could make a true impact right away in the first round so this was the best move.

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Patriots’ Mallett On The Move?

Could Ryan Mallett be wearing orange and brown in 2013?

Could Ryan Mallett be wearing orange and brown in 2013?

So, word on the street is that the Cleveland Browns (among a few other teams) have contacted New England about trading for QB Ryan Mallett. Mallett was drafted by the Patriots in 2011 and after the release of Brian Hoyer it seemed as if Mallett would be the quarterback of the future here in New England.

The Browns have contacted the Patriots before about the possibility of acquiring Mallett, but this recent phone call has the twitter world buzzing.

The Patriots have told Cleveland that they want a second round pick in return. Not only is this a high price tag for a guy who has only played in 2 regular season games but the Browns don’t even have a second round pick. It was forfeited when they picked Josh Gordon in the  Supplemental Draft.

I don’t have an issue with trading Ryan Mallett, but even if they had one I think a second round pick is too high of a pick for Cleveland to give up. Cleveland does have a third, fourth and two fifth round picks to work with though so keep an eye out for this trade on day 2.

Here is what Jeff Howe has to say about the deal.

I am going to do the best I can to keep updating you with anything that I hear about the Patriots and their draft. Tomorrow I will recap the first round and (assuming we keep our first pick) get you up to speed with the newest member of the team.

For everything draft related, feel free to follow me on Twitter (@Hammer_stein). I am in full draft mode right now and I love it!

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