Financial-Gronk is Back With More #GRONKonomics Tips (IMAGES)

Guess what? Gronk is back with more savings tips, brought to you by Capital One. After a whooping of the Washington Redskins on Sunday, the newest Capital One financial advisor took some time this week to serve up some sound financial advice for all you free-spenders. Here’s what we have from Rob this week:


With 360 Savings from Capital One, you can use the My Savings Goals tool to create customized names for each of your savings goals. With Gronk as your personal finance coach, it will feel like he is with you every step of the way; from opening a savings account, to achieving your financial goals, and those big milestones in life:


Gronk helped this couple save for their new house!


Keys to the her first car, and Gronk is riding shot-gun, thanks to his great personal savings tips.

Gronk being financially repsonsible, helping save for Party Bus.

Saving up to buy that party bus you always wanted. Living the Gronk life.


What are you saving for? Tell us by using the hashtag #GRONKonomics

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And be sure to tune in next week to Boston Sports Then & Now for more financial savings tips from Gronk!

Big Bad Bruins Brawls: Best 25 Minutes Of Your Day (VIDEO)

shawn ass kicker

Pretty much nothing beats a good ole hockey fight…..well except 25 minutes of Big Bad Bruins brawls, donney brooks and slobber knockers. Sit back grab a sixer and enjoy some of the best fights in Black and Gold history.

You’re welcome…..

Whoever this mysterious “The Mook” is, he deserves a Oscar for this bloody masterpiece!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Reddit Bruins!

Red Sox Off-season: Betts, Bogaerts Primed For Bigger Roles

Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts in the 2015 season with the Red Sox

With all of the offseason splurges the Red Sox made on the hot stove of 2014-15 offseason, you would surely think that some good would come from the upcoming season. It has, but not in the way you would think. Not in the immediate future like the organization had hoped.

Yes, the Red Sox finished last in the AL East again, but there is more hope than what last years team had to offer at the end of the year. With a solid final two months of play, the Red Sox, particularly the young players, really morphed into what could be the core future of this team. There is more optimism about the future of the Red Sox going into this offseason compared to last year. Two reasons why? Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts.

The Red Sox are Competing in a Young Man’s MLB

In what seems like more of a young man’s game these days with the likes of Trout, Harper dominating the MLB among other young players, the Red Sox have a few young stars-in-the-making of their own in Betts and Bogaerts. At the age 22, they have both arguably been the best player on albeit, a sub .500 team.

In a way, it was a blessing in disguise that the Red Sox played poor for as long as they had. Sure, it was frustrating to see them lose the amount of games they did after the high expectations of the offseason, especially early on into mid-July. But if you had to pin-point some of the guys who helped them out of the trenches? Well, it starts with the young guys who had been playing consistently on both sides of the ball. That would be Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts.

Betts was one of the better players across the league this year, finishing 7th in the AL in WAR (6.0). Mookie was also the most complete player at the plate (.291 BA, 18 HR, 77 RBI, 21 SB and 92 R) on the Red Sox. He finished third in the AL with 42 2B and in the top 10 in extra base hits. He also hit .333 with runners in scoring position with 54 RBI.

Bogaerts blossomed into one of the best contact hitters in baseball this season- something that not many anticipated him to become. Scouts pegged him as a power-hitting shortstop, but with 7 HR on the year, he was anything but that…at least this year. Still, there lots to boast about including stellar gold-glove caliber defense at shortstop and a .320 batting average to pair with it- good for 2nd in the American League.

Pending any crazy offseason moves in which Dombrowski feels the need to trade either player, these two will spearhead the Red Sox lineup for years to come at the lead-off spot and three-hole. Fans, however disappointed in the record of the team this year, should know that they are in better hands for the future. It appears the baton is starting to be passed next season. What a refreshing and exciting thing.

Pats Fan, Godsmack’s Sully Erna Severely Serenades Seahawks Fans (NSFW VIDEO)

sully erna

One thing a concert crowd needs to learn, never taunt the performer about his football team. Especially when that team is the New England Patriots and that performer is Sully Erna of Godsmack because retaliation will be swift and severe.

Sully Erna grew up in Lawrence, MA and is a life ling Patriots fan. He even sang the national anthem at Gillette Stadium for a 2011 Patriots playoff game.

So at a recent show in Seattle, Seahawks fans became foolishly brave and razzed Sully for his Patriots allegiance.

What happened next was PURE MAGIC…..

If you are going to talk smack to Godsmack’s Sully, be prepared for 1000 hp worth of obscenities and payback!

Hey Seattle sorry not Sorry!

we lost by 4 seahawks

Pot of Baked Beans Goes To Johnny M. & WHJY!

Boston Bruins: Last Two Weeks By The Numbers For 11/7/15

The Bruins appeared to have gotten things turned around after their 0-3-0 start as they rattled off five in a row to close out October. Faltering in their last two games and losing one of their leaders in the process, however, leaves the B’s at 6-5-1 with a tough test of back-to-backs on the horizon this weekend. The last two weeks have seen the team earn their latest first home victory in quite some time, some milestone point accomplishments for a couple of longtime centermen, a really hot power play, a not-so-great welcome back to a former player and the team accomplishing something they’ve only done one other time – in 2010-11. This is Boston Bruins: Last Two Weeks By The Numbers.

Brett Connolly celebrates with David Krejci after scoring for one of the best offenses in the league.

Brett Connolly celebrates with David Krejci after scoring for one of the best offenses in the league.

1: The B’s got their first win without Tyler Randell in the lineup on Halloween with a 3-1 victory over the Lightning. They had been 0-3-0 without him in the lineup this season and 5-0-1 with him in there at that point.

1: Brad Marchand was named the NHL’s First Star of the Week for the week ending Nov. 1. The winger totaled a league-leading four goals and two assists in three Bruins’ wins.

1: Former Bruin, Tyler Seguin, scored his first three goals as a visitor at TD Garden as the Stars beat the Bruins, 5-3, on Tuesday.

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Post Loss Complaint Form For Patriots’ Opponents (PHOTO)

patriots complaint form

The only answer NFL teams have for the Patriots dominance is bitch/complain/whine/create controversy. To make things a bit easier for the “sour grapes” franchises such as the Colts, Jets and Ravens, there is now an official NFL Post Loss Complaint Form.

patriots complaint form


Need to cut down that paperwork, so those cry babies can wipe their tears and get the sand out of their crotch.

patriots kiss the rings

Haters just keep on hatin’, we will just keep getting rings!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To The Thornography!

A Bowl Of Clam Chowder Goes To My Co-Worker Stephanie For The Tip! 

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