Red Sox Report: “The Ground Ball Effect”


Justin Masterson pitching for the Boston Red Sox

He may have had a 5.88 ERA last year, but Justin Masterson plays an integral part in the Red Sox plan for 2015.

I don’t think there has ever been a team in recent memory that has inspired such wildly inconsistent predictions from baseball analysts than the 2015 Boston Red Sox.

While the Red Sox have been favored by many to win the AL pennant, some think the AL East is up for grabs, let alone the AL pennant.

There is optimism for the season ahead, especially considering it can’t get too much worse than a last place finish in the AL East. The doubt in the minds of many, however, stems from the pitching rotation, and rightfully so.

The starting pitching rotation far from inspires optimism. Clay Buchholz is in contention for shakiest ace in the history of the MLB. Rick Porcello and Wade Miley can pitch and eat up innings, which helps the bullpen – but aren’t exactly what you would consider conventional starters on a playoff team, let alone championship team. The same goes for Justin Masterson and “Machine Gun” Joe Kelly, who round out the starters.

This rotation seems underwhelming… at least typed out on a computer screen. I’d like to think otherwise. John Farrell and the front office certainly do.

The fact is, the pitching may rely on the Red Sox positional players for support, and no, I don’t mean just the potentially lethal lineup. As it stands, Red Sox starting rotation has an averaged ground ball rate of over 50%, led by Masterson’s 56%. With ground-ball pitchers, comes heavy reliance on the infield, which figures to be solid all around including an improved Bogaerts manning shortstop.

Will this work? Can the Red Sox get by with this rotation? The Red Sox seem to think so. It’s not a conventional rotation staff led by power pitchers, but at least there is a plan – a plan that feels so experimental, it seems more like a case study. With that, I’d like to dub this pitching case study as “The Ground Ball Effect”. I just hope Ben Cherington doesn’t lose the Phillies front office phone number when the trade deadline comes around, because the Red Sox might find themselves needing a Cole Hamels.


No Hail Mary As Malcolm Butler Picks Off Doug Flutie (VIDEO)

Malcolm Butler


Forget the summer of Gronk, this is the year of Malcolm Butler. The Patriots rookie cornerback, who made one of the biggest plays in Super Bowl, has become a household name after making the game saving interception And now he has now picked off fellow Boston sports legend……Doug Flutie.

Both teamed up with Eastern Bank to donate $850,000 in grants to 61 nonprofits at its annual “Community Quarterback” event.

Boston Bruins: Last Two Weeks By The Numbers For 3/28

One thing is clear: if the Bruins are going to make the playoffs this season, they are going to have to be nearly perfect in their eight remaining games. In the last two weeks, they have fallen out of the playoff picture, missed a chance to sweep the season series from one division rival for the first time ever, surrendered a half dozen goals to another division foe for the first time in almost a decade, got their first shutout in one Eastern city in nearly four decades and still have not scored a goal this year against one team they are chasing. This is Boston Bruins: Last Two Weeks By The Numbers.

The Bruins have been bumped out of the playoffs, but Tuukka Rask has been far from the problem.

The Bruins have been bumped out of the playoffs, but Tuukka Rask has been far from the problem.

0: The Bruins shut out the Penguins, 2-0, on March 14 and then were shut out by the same score at the hands of the Capitals in their next game the following night. It marked the first time the B’s were involved in shutouts in consecutive games since Nov. 19 and 21, 2011 with 6-0 and 1-0 wins over the Islanders and Canadiens. It was also the first time they won a game via a shutout and then lost their next via a shutout since March 24 and 26, 2010 against the Canadiens and Rangers.

1.35: Ottawa’s Andrew Hammond came into last Thursday’s win over the B’s with a 1.35 goals-against average in 12 starts before surrendering four to Boston.

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Bruins Fans Must Boycott McDonalds After This (VIDEO)

Bruins fans must boycott McDonalds starting…well…yesterday! The Golden Arches have betrayed the Black & Gold by teaming up with the enemy, yep you guessed it….the Montreal Canadiens.

bruins fans boycott mcdonalds

If this season has not made you sick to your stomach enough, behold the Habs’ Max Pacioretty’s (who is a traitor being an American AND New Englander) new burger.

Wish these Bruins fans recognized him and called Big Z to “accidentally” body check him into a moving taxi…

Hey Montreal, of all the years this is not the one to f*ck with us, we are pissed off as it is!

You better pray we don’t make the playoffs…..

Marcus Smart’s Big No-No (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that Marcus Smart has temper issues in the past, but it seems to be flaring up on the NBA level lately. It certainly seemed evident in last night’s blowout loss against the Spurs, with Smart’s hit below the belt on Matt Bonner. It was announced today that Smart was handed for a one-game suspension by the league, in addition to an early 4th quarter exit in last night’s game.


Marcus Smart has been a physical defensive presence all season, but obviously you should never hit a dude below the belt like that. That was ruthless and idiotic, and in no way accidental. He’s a competitive player which is great, but you can’t get your frustration and emotions get the best of you.

Bill Belichick Being A Boss Down In Florida (PHOTOS)

Bill Belichick

Every man that still breathes air should be mad….because they ain’t him…

So what does the best NFL coach of all time do when he has a little downtime?

Just acting like a complete boss with his gal pal down in Florida.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick just hanging with his eye candy lady Linda Holliday having fun in the sun working the phones…no big whoop.

Aint life good being the Hoodie?!?!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Bar Stool Sports!

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