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A Farewell To Red Sox Captain Jason Varitek (Video)

Jason Varitek will formally hang up the spikes this afternoon at a press conference at Jet Blue Park in Fort Myers, Florida. While many will remember the past few years when his numbers considerably tailed off, Tek’s legacy as a Red Sox will forever be seen as nothing less than solid. As good a “receiver” as there was during his era, he was heralded for his work in preparation and game calling by his pitching staffs. At the plate he finishes with a career .256 clip and 193 home runs with some remarkable seasons mixed in.

Beyond the box score, he was the heart and sole of this Red Sox team for many seasons. This was never more evident than Tek’s fight with A-Rod in the 2004 ALCS. With the series in question, Varitek’s decisive blow to Rodriguez immediately swung the momentum in the Red Sox favor.

Without further adieu, Jason Varitek: