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Celtics Tweets of Interest: Brandon Bass’ On “Simply Ming;” Kelly Olynyk Autographed Ball


As the All-Star break approaches, the Boston Celtics face an easier schedule in the month of February. The Celtics own the sixth worst record in the NBA, but the Celtics stand just five games behind the Charlotte Bobcats for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. While the majority of fans prefer the Celtics to be in the NBA Draft Lottery, the Celtics could climb back into the playoff race if they can get on a lengthy winning streak.

The trade deadline is only two weeks away (February 20th) and Danny Ainge could unload some players to clear some room to get further under the tax line. Currently the Celtics are barely under the luxury tax line at $71.75 million.

The Celtics front office also needs to decide whether they want to keep guard Chris Johnson for the rest of the season. Johnson’s second 10-day contract expires at midnight. The guard has played well in his brief Celtics tenure. He is averaging 7.6 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 1.3 assists in 24.1 minutes during his eight games with the Celtics.

The Celtics have many questions to answer and they need their young players to make progress. As of right now, the Celtics can hold onto Avery Bradley, Rajon Rondo, and Jared Sullinger. Jeff Green disappears at times, but he has not been able to play much with Rondo. CSNNE’s A. Sherrod Blakely had a piece where he explains Green’s role with the Celtics and the reasons for his frustrating play. Everybody else can be shipped elsewhere for the right cost.

Here are a couple of tweets from Celtics’ players:

Bass retweeted this post from the television series, “Simply Ming” on PBS. Chef Ming Tsai hosts this show that is in its 11th season. The 6-foot-8-inch forward joined Tsai to cook for the children in the YMCA of Boston. This tweet displays a picture of Bass looking on while Tsai is in the process of cooking healthy food.

Olynyk sent out an advertisement for Roster Store in the Natick Mall. Roster Store is giving away an autographed ball by Olynyk. Celtics’ fans can click on the Facebook link underneath the picture and they need to say who is their favorite all-time Celtic for an opportunity to win this basketball.

Bruins Hockey Resurrection Party At The Harp Recap

Boston Bruins Die Hards were out in full force Thursday night for the Hockey Resurrection Party at the Harp Boston.

Boston Bruins Die Hards were out in full force Thursday night for the Hockey Resurrection Party at the Harp Boston.

As the much anticipated puck drop for the Bruins’ season opener on Saturday the 17th approaches, many B’s fans gathered at The Harp in Boston Thursday night for the Hockey Resurrection Party. The event was organized by Ring Communications and Boston Sports Then & Now/Big Bad Bruins. 98.5 The Sports Hub and Coors Light were there for giveaways and a silent auction was held with items supplied by Sports World USA.  Among the esteemed guests were legendary TD Garden anthem singer Rene Rancourt, Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton, and former Bruin and WAAF personality Lyndon Byers.

The Bruins faithful were out in full force tonight as most of the night saw many fans shoulder to shoulder, donned in black and gold, just happy to celebrate the return of their beloved Boston Bruins.

CSNNE‘s A. Sherrod Blakely stopped by the party, and despite admitting to only having gone to one Bruins game, was still impressed by the turnout of the fans. “The Bruins are obviously a big deal in Boston” said Blakely “It’s a great, great atmosphere”. He wasn’t kidding, over 600 fans packed into the Harp Thursday night for the event.

“When I used to cover the ACC in North Carolina, the fans were very rowdy” Blakely continued “Bruins fans remind me of that, they become a part of the game”.

Among the many Bruins die-hards in attendance was a man with a Viking’s helmet and a shield sporting the Bruins’ logo, a gentleman with a fake beard and a Winter Classic jersey with Eddie Shore’s number 2 on the back, and an uncountable amount of Bruins jerseys featuring the numbers of current, former, and retired players.

Those in attendance were treated to an early preview of something they knew all too well. Rene Rancourt sang his rendition of the star spangled banner for the crowd prompting them to sing along. He then said he would be singing the Canadian anthem Saturday in French asking “anyone in here speak French?”. One man in the crowd could and Rancourt gave him the mic. After allowing the fan to sing a few lines Rene took the mic back and said to the crowd “Let’s throw this guy out of here”.

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Celtics Talk Brings Players and Fans Together


Celtics guards Keyon Dooling (left) and Marquis Daniels answered questions from CSNNE writer A. Sherrod Blakely (right).

Comcast SportsNet New England brought together Boston Celtics writers and bloggers, players, and fans all together at West End Johnnie’s in Boston on Monday night to discuss the Celtics’ recent surge to the top of the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference and their benchmark victory over the Miami Heat on Sunday. This event was tabbed “Celtics Talk” based on the blog on CSNNE’swebsite.

Fans and bloggers were given the opportunity to take pictures with Celtics forward/center Greg Stiemsma and guards Marquis Daniels and Keyon Dooling.

The event kicked off with CSNNE sideline reporter Greg Dickerson  holding  a Q&A session with Stiemsma, who mentioned all of the nicknames he has heard from Celtics fans since the beginning of the season and he talked about the honor of Celtics’ Hall of Famer, Tommy Heinsohn referring Stiemsma’s shot blocking ability to Bill Russell for the way both Stiemsma and Russell block shots.

Dooling and Daniels followed with CSNNE writer, A. Sherrod Blakely. Dooling, who was the Vice President of the Players’ Association during the lockout, could have a future after his playing career in the media. While entertaining the crowd, Dooling discussed how tough his position was being Billy Hunter’s “python.” Both Daniels and Dooling claimed they had played a role with Avery Bradley’s stingy defense on Dwayne Wade on Sunday because they said that they were both like big brothers pumping up their little brother before a fight. They also said that Doc Rivers is ruthless in the video room when the team looks at the tape from previous games.

Jessica Camerato of CSNNE, handed microphone to all the people in the crowd who had questions for the players.

Skip Perham, who is the Marketing Director for CSNNE, orchestrated this event. Fans and bloggers alike went home with huge smiles on their faces and with the hope that the Celtics can conclude their season on the right foot.

Boston Celtics interview with CSNNE Analyst A. Sherrod Blakely

CSNNE'S A. Sherrod Blakely answers our Celtics questions.

With the lockout over, the rumor mill spinning, and free agency about to kickoff, the NBA is back! Danny Ainge and the Celtics have been in the news often lately regarding Chris Paul and various other options to fill bench voids on the team.

Comcast SportsNet New England Analyst A. Sherrod Blakely was nice enough to answer some question from BST&N Celtics writer Raj Prashad and myself.

BST&N: Does the shortened season benefit or hurt Boston’s goals of getting back to the Finals?

ASB: A lot will depend on what type of bench Danny Ainge surrounds his core group of players with. Because of the schedule and the fact that those guys aren’t getting any younger, the Celtics will have little choice but to depend more heavily on the bench than they have in past years. And when you consider how limited the Celtics are in terms of what they can spend on free agents, it makes all the more sense for Ainge to, at the very least, explore the possibility of moving one of his core players like Rajon Rondo who as you know, has been the subject of numerous trade rumors.

BST&N: How do you think the trade rumors will affect Rajon Rondo?

ASB: Rondo has been in the NBA long enough to understand that it is a business, and no matter what teams say in terms of not wanting to move you or whatever, anyone can be traded. I think this will impact him in a negative way more off the court, than on it. It’s tough, especially for a young guy, to hear your name being thrown around as possibly being traded night after night after night. It’s especially tough for a young guy, with a young family who hears the same stuff, too. On the court, I think he’ll be more motivated than ever to be a great player, trying to prove the Celtics wrong for even contemplating a trade that involves him. And added motivation for Rondo, I believe, is just what the Celtics need this season.

BST&N: Handicapped by the salary cap last season, the Celtics resigned their own in Nate Robinson and Marquis Daniels, as it is easier to keep your own players. Do you see that playing out with Delonte West and others?

ASB: I do. That’s why one of the first calls Danny Ainge made when teams could talk to players directly, was to Glen Davis. And prior to that, Ainge had indicated he had reached out to Delonte West’s representatives as well. With the shortened season and even shorter training camp, it’s important to develop continuity as quickly as possible. Having guys back who understand Doc’s system, and know how to play with the Big 4, can really speed that process along.

BST&N: What is the most pressing need for the Celtics this year? And how do you see them filling that need?

ASB: Without question, it’s the center position. Jermaine O’Neal by himself is not going to get it done. They need at least two bigs who can play the position. But the challenge the C’s will have is that some of the guys that they would normally have no problem signing, guys like Kwame Brown and Joel Przybilla for example, are both guys that other teams are pursuing and most of those teams can offer more than the Celtics can.

They can find decent players to help fill the voids off the bench at the other four positions, but adding at least two bigs to help JO is vital to their chances of having a successful season.

BST&N: Will the Celtics fill the roster fully intent on making one last run or will they keep one eye on attempting to rebuild as well?

ASB: The mindset has to be achieving both, knowing that in some areas you’ll address the future more than the present, and vice versa. I think so far, the Celtics have gradually built this roster with an eye towards the future. So far, you’ll have at least three rookies – Jajuan Johnson, E’Twaun Moore and Gilbert Brown – in camp. And unlike past training camps, all three will get a shot at playing early on.

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My Blogapalooza Experience: Raj Prashad

I flew all the way out from Atlanta for the great event

It is very difficult to put into words what exactly Boston Sports Blogapalooza means to me.

Originally, I thought Blogapalooza would be a great opportunity to finally meet the BST&N family, as well as network with a few other sports fanatics like myself. When Joe Gill, the mind behind the event, asked me to be a part of the Celtics panel, I severely underestimated what exactly he could put together.

Well over 100 people showed up representing areas all over the East Coast. West End Johnnies seemed to be the perfect venue with the right combination of drinks, great people, and Boston sports. It was amazing to me how a group of people from up-and-running bloggers, like the guys over at Boston Sports Rant, could mesh so well with the likes of established media personalities, such as Mike Reiss and A. Sherrod Blakely.

This was my first Blogapalooza event and I am thrilled to have been a part of it, even if it meant making the long trek from Atlanta. I finally met Carl Desberg and Joe Gill, the guys who brought me on with BST&N and helped me adjust during the first months. I was also able to meet Jon Fucile and Will Woodward, the other mainstays from the site. All four are stand up guys and I couldn’t be happier writing with them.

After meeting the four and getting ready for the doors to open I took a minute to take everything in. Joe worked for months to set up the huge event, complete with a silent auction, raffle, and live music as sports fans and media personalities entered the spacious location.

Right as the event began, Carl introduced me to ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss. I have met a decent amount of media members since I started writing over the last year and I can honestly say Reiss was the most down to earth, humble person I have ever met. Reiss took time away from his vacation to speak with whoever would listen to him. His conversations ranged from what was going on with the Patriots to what and where we, the fans, read our sports news. He was easy going and wouldn’t refuse to take a picture with anyone. Before leaving he sought me out and wished me a safe trip back to Atlanta. Honestly I can’t say enough about how great of a guy he is.

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My Blogapalooza Experience: Carl Desberg

Anchored by fan bloggers, Palooza has attracted star power.

The third Blogapalooza went as fast as it came. Ever since the November Palooza ended in the Fall, I could not wait for the next one. Not even the $55 parking ticket I got could dampen this day.

This past Saturday well over 100 members of the Boston sports blogging community gathered to meet, great, and drink at West End Johnnie’s on Portland Street in an event sponsored by Comcast Sports Net New England. The power of getting like-minded individuals of such an amazing niche in a room together is just plain fun for everyone involved. Joe Gill, the visionary and founder of such an event, has truly seen the maturation of what truly was his baby that was born just a year ago.

The event itself meant much to me on many different levels. As the “Content Manager” of Boston Sports then and Now, I have had to take a backseat to writing over the past couple of months. Relegating and instructing our team of writers takes time, as we do not want our team to overlap material. Over the past year we have been proud to add two great writers in Will Woodward and Raj Prashad. Each brings a reliable, and professional attitude to the position, while providing gripping material for our growing site. However, I had not had the chance to formally meet either, as we have worked virtually since late last  year. The event gave each of us the opportunity to put a face to a name and truly engage one on one and as a team in person.

On another level, I had the opportunity to meet some role models in the industry. Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston.com has become a great mentor and I have had the opportunity to meet him a few times over recent months.  His admirable approach hails from the analytical angles he provides.  He has an amazing way of making you think ways one would not typically think when reading his material. Amazingly, Reiss took time out of his day and from his family during his vacation week to come out and do some market research of sorts. Reiss, who had a crowd around him the entire time he was there, talked a lot of Patriots, but when he wasn’t answering questions about the team, he was asking us what, where, why, and who we go to for certain sports material. This was an equally beneficial opportunity for him to reach his potential future peers.

A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE.com also took time out his day to come to Palooza. The well respected Celtics and NBA writer was clearly happy to be at the event. When he wasn’t bidding on a piece of Celtics memorabilia at the silent auction, Sherrod gladly spoke to attendees about the future of the Celtics and even his career path to where he is now in Boston. Connections were made, business cards were exchanged, and everyone in attendance was very happy to have the face of the Celtics beat in attendance.

The event had it’s star power in the aforementioned Reiss and Blakely, as well as the smaller scale blogging connections. That’s whats great about what Blogapalooza is becoming though; it’s a way to put the metaphorical carrot in front of rising writers with big time media attendees, while putting people with peers as they work together to reach those new heights.